Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cambridge to Attack the Environment at the Massive Danehy Park?

1. Danehy Park under apparent attack.
2. Councilor Van Beuzekom’s Position (?).
3. Situation in Context. — The very terrible record of the Cambridge City Council

1. Danehy Park under apparent attack.

Seth Teller is organizing around Cambridge considering destruction of the grass in three playing fields at Danehy Park in the western part of Cambridge. His comments follow. There is a lot of automatically introduced characters in the email. I have attempted to edit out the chaff and return what, I hope, he was trying to say:

[Ed. The initial publication lost a lot of intended formatting. I have overkilled trying to make this readable.]

Subject: [ecfg] Save the grass fields at Danehy

Hi neighbors,

Sorry, I seem to be on an activism streak lately. Today's issue:

Cambridge plans to pave *all three grass playing fields* at Danehy with plastic turf. We might
be able to turn this around if we can kick up a big enough storm to get the city council's attention. Please *sign the petition* to help.

AND please send this email as widely as you can to everyone you know who might care about grass vs. plastic:

soccer/ultimate/field hockey players, dog walkers, whatever. Forget sports -- know anyone that likes to lie out in the sun on some soft grass rather than plastic? Know anyone that flies kites? Goes outside? Forward this to them.

Please help fix this.

Thank you.

2. Councilor Van Beuzekom’s Position (?).

*Sent:* Tuesday, January 29, 2013 7:38 AM
*Subject:* Meeting Scheduled

Good Morning everyone -

A meeting has been scheduled by a committee of the City Council to discuss this further. I hope you will be able to attend so we can all hear what the exact city plans are, what the playing field demands are and what the maintenance on the grass fields has been to date.

February 6th from 4-6pm in City Hall, the Sullivan Chambers on the 2nd floor.

I realize this time is not ideal for working folk so please feel free to submit something in writing prior to the meeting. You can use to send your message to all of us or to send it to City Clerk as part of the public record.

Thanks for trying to hold a balanced discussion electronically.

Minka vanBeuzekom
your Cambridge City Councillor
cell: 617-894-0370

3. Situation in Context. — The very terrible record of the Cambridge City Council.

The only thing which is consistent about environmental “planning” in and near the City of Cambridge, MA, USA is that the “planners” are as destructive to the environment as a very large and very controlled Cambridge Machine can fool people into suckering for.

I condemned Governor Patrick for assisting the many outrages and, in the process, condemned a really bad city council, at

They are so rotten that it is very hard to list everything. Danehy Park is one of the largest formal open space that I am aware of in the City of Cambridge. One outrage I did not mention in the Patrick report is ongoing environmental destruction at Fresh Pond, another very massive area which has been in the process of incremental environmental destruction for several years now. Danehy Park is maybe a block from Fresh Pond at the nearest point.

Danehy Park is perhaps half a mile from the Alewife reservation which Cambridge is aggressively destroying.

Councilor vanBeuzekom appeared in a recent post as an example of the corrupt environment situation. She was making a presentation at one of the typical fake groups bragging about environmental holiness at Fresh Pond. The massive destruction is total waste of trees and animal residents for “flood protection” that project cannot provide, with ample room in nearby properties to provide meaningful flood protection. One meaningful properties has disappeared for use and a second major property is on the verge. The Machine is stalling, telling people to look at a long shot fight on a private developement; how dare anybody stop an eminently stoppable project their friends are doing.

vanBeuzekom was bragging about air quality. She mentioned two key parcels needed for use to prevent the destruction and animal killing, but she did not want to know about reality and her city council’s fight for destruction.

Business as usual in the City of Cambridge, MA, USA.