Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Correction: Large Birds Sighted on the Charles River in Watertown, MA, were Swans

1. Introduction.
2. Correction, Swans, not White Geese.
3. Cher on the Swans.

1. Introduction.

We have been reporting the latest severe abuse of the Charles River White Geese through the use of their nesting area as a parking lot.

This has expanded into the Department of Conservation and Recreation offering a proposal to extend the DCR’s outrageously irresponsible behavior at the Magazine Beach playing fields westward.

Cher reported the disappearance (and probable killing) of swans living on DCR property in Revere on a river feeding into Boston harbor.

In the middle of this, Shelley reported seeing four white geese on the Charles River near Watertown, MA, which is a few miles west of the normal habitat of the Charles River White Geese.

2. Correction, Swans, not White Geese.

Shelley writes:

So sorry. I'd been reading your heart-rending email about the geese and typed "white geese" by mistake in emailing you. It should read, "two couple of swans." Sorry!!


I think Shelley is due an apology from me. I do summaries of these reports on facebook and by email. I anticipate I confused her.

The reality is that we are dealing with truly rotten people lying that they are holier than thou. They do so many terrible things, it really is hard to keep things straight or to believe that they could stoop so low. Decent people are overwhelmed by and cannot conceive of public officials as extremely bad as are City of Cambridge and the Department of Conservation and Recreation.

You add to this the corruption of the Cambridge Machine running around lying that these evil entities are “holier than thou” and there are good reasons to be confused.

3. Cher on the Swans.

I asked Cher if these swans could be her friends. She replied:


I rather doubt that it is. There are mute swans along the waterways in very conceivable inlet along the Charles and other salt water ways, but they prefer fresh water and need it for nutritional purposes etc.

I don't have info about what happened to the [swans] but all tarps and other paraphernalia were removed last year. I have seen many pairs in Everett, Medford, and into Cambridge. I also have heard of them in Winthrop. My pair when I last saw them had two offspring, a male and a female left, and they were growing up. I hope that they found mates.

It is conceivable that they each left to find mates and will return, but I don't know if that is so. I don’t know as stated what happened to the parents either. I hope that they moved to another area.

I put forth great efforts in order to get a wildlife agency or other org to take them when here were just two, Gus and Gina. The remaining offspring of Gus and Gina were named Chelsea and Revere because they were born on the Chealsea-Revere line at what used to be known as the Chelsea Creek now run by DCR who has been against having the swans there from the beginning.

Many mute swans have traveled from warmer places to here and live thru the winters however swans only can survive for max of 5 yrs in the wild, the winters that is. If taken in for the winter they will live a very long time, three times that in the wild at least.

I have tried to find out what happened to them but I cared for them up to the year 2012, and the last documentation is at YouTube in 2009. Doesn’t help much.

So, likely whereever my beauties are, they will be at least six, more likely up to eight to twelve of them now if Mother Nature prevailed. Sorry I can't help more.

One last note, if she sees them again, now she has their names, to which at least Gus might respond, or Chelsea and Revere, but Gina, not so much.


Cher's lack of knowledge comes because of illness.