Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pols reported supporting irresponsible behavior on the Charles River in Boston / Cambridge, MA, USA by State and Local Governments.

The bad guys are bragging. The falsely named Charles River “Conservancy” has posted the names of pols who support their highway project on the Charles. Since destructive projects by these types are always done in as deceptive a manner as possible, such claims must be taken with a grain of salt.

Nevertheless, elected politicians publicly supporting environmental destruction on the Charles River for the CRC’s beloved small highway construction on the banks of the Charles River and in the Charles River, include the following, quoting from the CRC’s website:


Elected officials who publicly support [their destructive project] (29):
U.S. Representative Michael Capuano; State Senators William Brownsberger, Sonia Chang-Diaz, Sal DiDomenico, Patricia Jehlen, Anthony Petruccelli, Cynthia Stone Creem; State Representatives Ruth Balser, Marjorie Decker, Jonathan Hecht, Kevin Honan, Kay Khan, Michael Moran, Denise Provost0, Frank Smizik, and Timothy Toomey, Jr; Cambridge Mayor Henrietta Davis; Cambridge Vice Mayor Denise Simmons; Cambridge City Councillors Leland Cheun, Craig Kelley, David P. Maher, Kenneth Reeves, and Minka van Beuzekom; and Boston City Councilors Felix Arroyo, Mark Ciommo, John Connolly, and Michael Ross.


The project includes destruction of hundreds of excellent trees including a magnificent grove at the Memorial Drive split. It includes destruction of meaningful animal habitat including yet more of the last refuge of the Charles River White Geese. Whether or not the usual lying through omission applies is not at all relevant. These pols are expected to know what they are doing, and this statement will be used to claim support for additional massive destruction. My insertion above replaces the destroyers’ misleading euphemism.

It is a pleasure to note that the sitting Mayor of Boston is not one of the bad guys. It is interesting to note that an announced candidate running for the office of Mayor of Boston is one of the bad guys.

Every current member of the Cambridge City Council is listed through one title or another. They are also in the process of destroying Alewife and killing its well established animal population, are in the middle of mass destruction of trees on the Cambridge Common and Flagstaff Park, have been discussing replacing grass with plastic in playing fields at the major Danehy Park, etc.

The Mayor of Boston is the chief administrator of the City of Boston. The Mayor of Cambridge is a fancy name for the City Council chair of the City of Cambridge.

Cambridge is administered by a City Manager who has earned strong condemnation by courts and jury up to the level of the Massachusetts Appeals Court. The courts and jury take severe offence at the Cambridge City Manager’s destruction of the life of a female department head for filing a civil rights / women’s rights complaint. The Cambridge City Council cannot understand why he should be fired for such behavior.