Friday, March 29, 2013

Cambridge, MA, USA Machine Accelerates Con Games. General reply proposed.

1. Introduction.
2. Letter: The environmental con games accelerate in Cambridge, MA, USA.

1. Introduction.

Yesterday, March 28, 2013, the Cambridge Chronicle published the third letter to the editor in four or five weeks expressing fake concern for the environment, yelling at the private developers at Alewife with no concern whatsoever about the mass destruction and animal pogrom which has started and is accelerating by the City of Cambridge and the Department of Conservation and Recreation.

The first two letters were by the woman who has been fighting for the public destruction for 15 years or more. Yesterday’s letter was from one of the other fake environmental groups.

My proposal for an op ed reflecting reality was most recently posted at The Chronicle editor is clearly concerned that I specifically identified this destructive woman. My providing the editor with a link to the Cambridge Chronicle publication of the woman’s letter praising Cambridge and the DCR’s environmental destruction at Alewife apparently did not sway the editor.

I have proposed the following more general Letter to the Editor.

There is a 400 word limit. I did not have space to include the totally unnecessary and, of course, destructive leg of their proposed highway along the Grand Junction. They are supporting running it south of Memorial Drive and through the Destroyed Nesting Area. Totally unnecessary, environmentally destructive, heartlessly abusive, a very large waste of money and a much longer route for the highway. If Cambridge, MA had a responsible city government, the highway proposal would take a much shorter path, connecting behind the building at Vassar and Memorial Drive to Vassar Street and then to Memorial Drive.

But Cambridge has a belligerently reprehensible city government kept in power by a massive Cambridge Machine running lying about that belligerently reprehensible city government.

One message of the Cambridge Machine:


Don’t look at our massive environmental destruction. We are exercising our rights as bullies and heartless animal abusers and killers. It is politically incorrect to be nasty to bullies and heartless animal abusers in Cambridge, MA, USA. Besides, don’t we sound great yelling at the other guy!!!!


A really rotten city government. A really rotten Cambridge Machine.

2. Letter: The environmental con games accelerate in Cambridge, MA, USA.

Cambridge Chronicle

The environmental con games accelerate in Cambridge.

Governor Patrick is apparently seeking bonds for the destruction of hundreds of trees on Memorial Drive between the BU and Longfellow Bridges. The lie supporting this was the euphemism “underpasses” and talk about the River Street, Western Avenue and Anderson Bridges.

The DCR / Commuter Rail is celebrating by ramping up the heartless abuse of the Charles River White Geese. The abuse of these beautiful animals has been used as following: “How dare you talk about our environmental destruction on the Charles. We are exercising our rights as bullies and heartless animal abusers.” This is a translation, of course.

For five weeks starting in December, the DCR’s friends used the geese’s nesting area east of the BU Bridge as a parking lot for cars that should be parked under Memorial Drive, where vehicles related to the BU Bridge project parked.

Now there are cars, a metal building and two portapotties in the most sensitive part of the Nesting Area. Sunday that metal building exuded loud noise in close proximity to nesting geese. The BU Bridge project put such buildings under Memorial Drive.

In January, the local “neighborhood association” discussed whether the environmental outrage at the Magazine Beach playing fields would be extended west of the playing fields. The fine print included part of the tree destruction project. The “neighborhood association” was then faced with the very real possibility that they would lose the vote. So they deferred action until the next “monthly” meeting. The “February” meeting is now scheduled for late April. After the bond vote in the legislature?

The city council is now yelling at private developers at Alewife and neglecting to mention their own totally needless destruction of irreplaceable woodland acres there, together with mass animal killing.

Alewife is facing its own deadline. The responsible place to put needed flood protection is under new buildings / parking lots near Alewife. But The Machine is stalling and the City Council is spouting nonsense. If buildings get built without coordination for flood protection with Cambridge, there will be no choice but to destroy perhaps the rest of the publicly owned area. Accomplished destruction will protect against a big rain storm.

And from 22 to more than a hundred trees are slated to be destroyed at Cambridge Common / Flagstaff Park.

And the Cambridge Machine influenced Sierra Club endorses City Councilors doing these terrible things?