Monday, March 18, 2013

Nesting Area Destruction on Sunday.

1. Introduction.
2. Shashi’s report.

1. Introduction.

The following report is from Shashi who would love to have help feeding. It was sent Sunday evening.

The trouble is that the reprehensible government of the City of Cambridge has voted for an outrageous highway on the Grand Junction and through the nesting area. I hope this is not it.

That combined with the fake neighborhood association “waking up” could be ominous.

The fake neighborhood association had a meeting in January discussing increased Charles River destruction in which they could not get a rubber stamp vote. They said they would discuss it at their next monthly meeting. No February meeting. No March meeting. April meeting first scheduled for early in the month, deferred to the end.

Perhaps the rotters are avoiding taking responsibility or being used to stand up to outrages from Cambridge and the state?

A really rotten situation.

2. Shashi’s report.

Hi Bob

I hope you are doing well. I received an entire trader joes bag of good beagels soft buns and sandwich bread from a nice person. They were given by a private individual.

I took the food to feed the geese and their nesting site was filled with huge pickup trucks some 12 or so huge pickup trucks.

When I went with my bag of food the geese usually all excited would greet me at the gravel path.
This time I think they were nervous and scared with the constant presence of huge trucks and workmen literally right in the midst of the poor verses nesting area that they did not venture past where thr trucks are all parked.

I went down to their area and was able to feed as many geese as I could all the beagels soft buns and the few loaves of submarine bread.

It is so difficult for these poor creatures. Practically there is very little or no vegetation for them to be able to build or retain their nests. They seem really nervous with the continued presence of huge trucks which number in no less than 10 or 12 just on a Sunday.

I am hoping that this good Samaritan will donate food for the geese in the future. I also hope that in few months the repair work will end.

Kind Regards