Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Magazine Beach: Bad faith flaunted by a fake Neighborhood Association.

The one thing which is fully predictable when dealing with the Cambridge Machine is that, no matter how irresponsible, they will deliver what they have been told they will deliver.

In their January meeting, the Cambridge Machine tried to ram through approval for more irresponsible destruction expanding the existing irresponsible destruction on Magazine Beach.

They spent almost all of the January meeting discussing the irresponsible proposal of the Department of Conservation and Recreation. They could not get the vote they wanted. So they deferred until the next monthly meeting in February.

The February meeting was conducted this evening, April 23, 2013. Which did a good job of chasing away trouble makers who could not wait three months until the next monthly meeting. But the robots showed up and a bunch of people totally uninterested in Magazine Beach.

The meeting was stacked with a whole bunch of items, all of which were given as much as or more time than the Magazine Beach issue which had essentially filled the previous meeting, and which the Cambridge Machine could not ram through in the previous meeting.

The Machine devoted the last TEN MINUTES of the meeting to Magazine Beach and, at the last possible minute, passed out a motion which was complicated garbage. Then, of course, they rammed the complicate garbage through in the last TEN MINUTES of the meeting. The TEN MINUTES was then followed by the end of the meeting and then an extensive discussion on the many other much less pivotal issues which kept on going.

The complicated motion rammed through voted to work for money to COMPLETE the design for the outrage proposed by the DCR.

Completing the design means you do not change what you already have.

This was followed by a bunch of lovely process words.

This is the Cambridge Machine. This is the rotten reality of politics in Cambridge, MA, USA.

This is further destruction on Magazine Beach.

And a bunch of hypocrites lying about process.