Thursday, May 16, 2013

Visits to the Destroyed Nesting Area, Charles River, Cambridge, MA, USA

Monday evening, May 13, 2013, just before dark, I visited the Charles River White Geese.

I was concerned with what I saw in that the gaggle had overwhelmingly moved from their beloved sleeping spot, under the big tree, to more vegetated areas under trees and in the planted bushes.

I went back yesterday, May 15, 2013, during rush hour, and saw very much the same situation. There were a few geese in the danger zone. Most were driven away by the contempt for decency of the irresponsible workers.

Here are a few photos from before this week.

[04-28, CVS 21 05 04-28 DNA]

This is a shot of the river edge from April 28, 2013. The native vegetation is heavy ground vegetation. That was destroyed, quite clearly by the falsely named Charles River “Conservancy” which destroys ground vegetation for the Department of Conservation and Recreation, which, in turn, coordinates its destruction with Cambridge. You can see some Canadas and at least one Charles River White Goose in this area. The geese would be in this area to keep safe from the irresponsible private vehicle use in the area on the far side of the trees.

[03-26 CVS 2204 03-24-13 DNA]

It does not look like much. This area was heavily vegetated before destruction as part of the BU Bridge work. Native vegetation is at the very top, bordering on the parking destruction. This entire area was like the native vegetation, which is extremely nice in season. Some geese were in the native vegetation. A lot were in the introduced vegetation, which is a bit bigger now. Many were in the bare area to the right of the introduced stuff.

The treed area at the top right is the opposite view of the area in the preceding photograph. The shadow on the right is from the BU Bridge.

[04-28, CVS 23 03 04-28 DNA]

This is a closer view of the native vegetation. The border line between native and introduced is the wall of black plastic which was the boundary of the BU Bridge construction zone. This black wall is the sort of stuff that Cambridge and the DCR would try to lie is “native” until it is clear that people are not that stupid. Then they resort to bragging of incompetence. They are very proud of their incompetence.

Under the big tree at the top is where the Charles River White Geese have spent their days and nights since Cambridge and the DCR started deliberately starving them. Now that is not safe for them. The irresponsible parking by railroad workers with the clear consent of the DCR continues where the vehicles are seen.

[04-28, CVS, 24 02 04-28 DNA]

This is a closer view of the undestroyed native vegetation. The foot of the big tree is at the very top.

[03-26, CVS 0125 03-18-13]

This is the entrance to the Destroyed Nesting Area. The actual opening is to the top left, illegally created by Boston University for the DCR / Cambridge in October 1999. The grey areas are introduced crushed rock, not even the people we are so unfortunate as to deal with would dare call this native. The nearer portion seems to be the predecessor for the east - west highway that Governor Patrick is seeking bond authorization for, $24 million including destruction of hundreds of trees between here an the Longfellow Bridge, two bridges to the east. This grey area is part of a reverse fork coming from the illegal opening. The other fork would apparently lead to the Cambridge City Council’s planned, and equally outrageous, north - south highway.

Yesterday, there were quite a few geese in the introduced vegetation to the left.

The grey area at the very top of the photo is the on ramp to Memorial Drive.

It is currently extremely busy during rush hour because the Memorial Drive overpass is closed for repairs and the on ramp is now Memorial Drive.

[04-28, CVS 10 16 04-03 Mem Dr, Rotary]

This shot is of where responsible workers park on the river side of the Memorial Drive overpass between the structure and the highway. These are workers preparing the overpass repair before the overpass was shut down. The shot is taken from just outside the illegal opening. The car to the right is on the on ramp.

[04-28, CVS 11 15 04-03 Mem Dr East]

This is where the railroad workers who are parking in the Destroyed Nesting Area should be parking. It, also, is before the closure. One big difference now, especially during rush hour, is a State Police officer in the intersection and a lot of cars which were on Memorial Drive.

[04-28, CVS 25 01 04-28 Mem Dr, East]

This is a shot of the same area after closure. Behind the camera is an illegally (Boston University, October 1999, again) installed staircase which directly leads to where the railroad workers are parking and working.

The car is in approximately the same location where a contingent of Charles River White Geese crossed yesterday afternoon in the evening rush hour.

There were a lot of babies, many pretty big now. I assisted them. They are responsible pedestrians. They stayed near the sidewalk, not visible on the left, until there was a break in the traffic. Their problem as pedestrians is that they are geese. They diddle. There were several lagging adults whom I shushed to get them moving. The break was because the office had changed traffic direction in the intersection. Some cars came while I was shushing over the last few. Drivers and pedestrians were very supportive of the gaggle group. The pedestrians were very supporting of my efforts.

The Charles River White Geese are forced to cross this off ramp because they have no other food.

Cambridge and the DCR are deliberately starving them by the bizarre walk blocking access to the Magazine Beach playing fields from the Charles River. The playing fields have been their primary source of food for most of the 32 years they have lived on the Charles River.

The corrupt behavior by the Cambridge Machine in their recent fake “vote” was necessary because decent condemn the outrages on the Charles River.

So the Cambridge Machine, with its contempt for ethics, the environment and common decency, simply stole that vote and continually does a lot of lying by omission.