Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Cambridge, MA, USA City Manager Retires — So What!

1. City Manager Healy Reported Retiring.
2. So What! One defining moment.
3. The fake group system.
4. Will the new City Manager be better?

1. City Manager Healy Reported Retiring.

Boston.com / Boston Globe announces that Cambridge City Manager Robert Healy was retiring last Sunday, June 30, 2013. http://www.boston.com/news/local/massachusetts/2013/06/28/after-years-cambridge-city-manager-tenure-nears-end/MMEzJl8ga5liZgROTpy9XI/story.html.

2. So What! One defining moment.

Malvina Monteiro, Malvina Monteiro, Malvina Monteiro.

The Monteiro v. Cambridge case involved judge, jury and appeals court sending a very clear message to the Cambridge City Council, and, as is normal in the City of Cambridge, the Cambridge City Council simply “could not understand” the obvious.

Healy destroyed the life of the head of his Police Review Board, Malvina Monteiro, a black Cape Verdean woman. Judge, jury and appeals court say he did that in retaliation because she filed a civil rights / women’s complaint. I will not go over the analysis yet again.

The clear communication of judge, jury and appeals court was extreme malfeasance in office. They gave the city council clear direction and clear justification to fire the Cambridge City Manager without golden parachute and possibly without pension.

Exactly zero members voted for or made any public attempt whatsoever to meaningfully implement the court orders.

The total non action of the Cambridge City Council on firing the Cambridge City Manager after the issue of firing had been strongly established in decisions up to the appeals court says everything.

The very terrible situation in the City of Cambridge, MA is very much to the pleasure of an extremely bad city council. I realize that 1½ members were not around for the real problem, but you had a city manager who has been declared a pariah up to the appeals court. Even the subsequent members share the filth. In any case, the votes to destroy on the Cambridge Common and irresponsible bike highway routes say all that needs to be said.

3. The fake group system.

The fake groups with very real connections to the City Manager’s people date back to the original City Manager in this ongoing and expanding environmental outrage. The Cambridge City Manager wanted to destroy 23 or so hundred plus year old trees as part of a totally unneeded rearrangement of the city high school. The timing of rebuilding was such that the rebuilding could have occurred in place on top of buildings being replaced.

Dah Dah, a new group announced itself, declared itself above everything and fought for the destruction. Leaders of that group, during its existence, have indulged in corrupt behavior comparable with the recent outrage of the fake group in Cambridgeport.

Over the 40+ years, the biggest change in the fake groups has been the faces and possible questions as to whether new leaders are responsible individuals.

The first thing the Sullivan - Healy regime did was to destroy those excellent trees.

The last achievements of Healy were

A. Massive destruction and animal kills at Alewife which seem to be ready for a very great expansion, with two fake groups leading the way as good company unions by telling folks to look at everything else.

B. The vote of all nine irresponsible city councilors to destroy 22 excellent trees on the Cambridge Common, most because the block the view.

C. The ongoing destruction at Kendall / Longfellow.

D. The ongoing outrages on the Charles River with the corrupt behavior of one or two fake groups.

E. Plans for two bizarre bike highways with massive destruction on the Charles, destruction, of course, kept as secret as possible, but “not negotiable.”

4. Will the new City Manager be better?

The replacement was key in all the destruction where the City of Cambridge has been visible. And I have not mentioned the ongoing destruction at Fresh Pond.

The stench at Kendall / Longfellow is just one example of where an outrage is something which simply fits a very bad city government which always has its filthy hands in the ongoings. It is inconceivable that this wasteful destruction is independent of the City of Cambridge.