Wednesday, August 27, 2014

MA Lt. Gov. candidate Cheung ready to go logging on the Cambridge Common

MA Lt. Gov. candidate Cheung ready to go logging on the Cambridge Common.

I have not been past the Cambridge Common in several days and I am very much dreading what I will see.

When I went past it last, those excellent trees were in the middle of a construction zone.

Leland Cheung has very clear aspects on the Charles River which make him look like one of the most environmentally destructive members of the extremely bad Cambridge City Council.  The trouble is that, once you get as bad as the four with more experience than he, it is very difficult to single him out.  I have no reason to think that any of the four recent additions are better than he is.  One or more is rather clearly as bad or worse.

I had a discussion on the impending outrage on the Cambridge Common before a meeting, with a former member who has environmental symbols on her house signs.  Translating into reality, he explanation was that the staff members who had been fighting for this destruction for years told her it was ok.

Cheung walked by and refused to comment.

The entrance nearest Harvard Square is being decimated, all excellent trees.  The explanation on the Environment Notification Form was that the trees are being destroyed because they block view of a monument.

I recall Cambridge staff fighting to denude a nearby side street of all trees because the trees blocked sunlight.

Here is a photo of the excellent entrance being destroyed by Cheung and his associates.

I include the four new ones, at minimum, because I formally raised objections to this destruction, and heard a silence of co-conspirators.

The complete letter to a bad City Council, including many links to analyses of environmental destruction may be viewed at

My YouTube presentation of that report is at  That pairs with my report on Cheung’s attitude toward court decisions with regard to Cambridge City Manager Robert Healy’s heartless human abuse, at  The latter includes Alewife and the Charles River.