Friday, October 09, 2015

Charles R: To MassDOT - Bar DCR from Mass. Pike Rebuild Area

Charles R: To MassDOT - Bar DCR from Mass. Pike Rebuild Area

I have published segments of my September 17, 2015 letter to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation concerning its rebuild of the Massachusetts Turnpike (I90) on the Boston side of the Charles River across from the habitat of the Charles River White Geese.

I have been publishing segments because the electronic file is so massive as the result of the inclusion of so many graphics.  The file is quite simply too big to handle on its own.

To communicate concisely, I think MassDOT should request the legislature to bar the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation from operation of open space created as part of the Mass. Pike project.  I think they should also be removed from Soldiers Field Road.

This request is based on the strikingly bad and strikingly consistent record of the DCR on Charles River matters in the area.  I use the word “lie” quite a few times.

To make the package usable, I am enclosing scanned copies of each page.  I will start with the September 18, 2015 supplement.  I have reduced individual file size to minimize size problems.  Reproduction quality suffers.

Additionally, I have not been able to color scan the last five pages.  They are attached in black and white.

I am sorry, but it is necessary to double click the graphics to read the pages.

The original file is so large that one graphic could not fit although it did make the original.  I am adding that graphic to the end of this report.

Here is the missing graphic, from page 17.