Thursday, January 21, 2016

FLASH, Charles River, Magnificent Linden Destroyed. Magnificent Willow Next?

FLASH, Charles River, Magnificent Linden Destroyed.  Magnificent Willow Next?

Visiting Professor Robin Pope reports:

* * * * *

alas bob you misconstrued the governor - the big linden went this morning - all here at the Hyatt upset - will the will disappear tomorrow

you need a statement from governor he has intervened before atrocities stop

as people here remark the dcr did not chop the trees on the boston side

in many scandals one needs the journalists outside the local not wishign to offend circle

* * *

Photos of the now destroyed Linden and of the imminently destroyed willow.  All other trees in the first picture were destroyed last week.

The DCR, the City of Cambridge, and the frauds fighting for them who lie of sainthood are vile.