Sunday, July 10, 2016

Charles River: Visit to Destroyed Nesting Area, 7/10/16

Charles River:   Visit to Destroyed Nesting Area, 7/10/16

1. Introduction.
2. Photos on Sunday, July 10, 2016.
A. The gaggle.
B. The entrance.
C. Near Entrance and BU Bridge.
D. Core Area.
E. Toward Memorial Drive Ramp.
3. Context.
A. Destruction plans PARTIALLY implemented in January.
B. Wild Area.
C. Near Entrance and BU Bridge.
D. Core Area.
E. General Summary Flier.

1. Introduction.

I was at the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese pretty early, 7 am, on the morning of Sunday, July 10, 2016.

To place this report in perspective, please review my video, The Destruction of Memorial Drive, Charles River, Cambridge, MA, USA, January - February 2016, Final Cut, posted at  This report is a clear improvement over the prior posting, ed. 3 in content and in presentation.  So, if you viewed ed. 3, there is value in looking at the Final Cut.

The video includes a number of views of the Destroyed Nesting Area and the Wild Area, plus photos of massive destruction not that far from them

2. Photos on Sunday, July 10, 2016.

Here are a few pictures from Sunday.

A. The gaggle.

The gaggle in the Destroyed Nesting Area could have been all together in one group.  If so, it is clearly smaller than they were before the Department of Conservation and Recreation, Cambridge and their cheerleaders started starving them.

I saw both the vestigially marked brown gander and the now elderly Toulouse goose still there.  The families tend to stick together.  Seeing both of them there means at least those two families were still at the DNA.  I saw no smaller geese.  That, most likely, means that all the babies have reached their adult size or close to it.

Here are three photos of the gaggle.  They are in the area most cherished by the Charles River White Geese, under the big tree.  The DCR and its vile agents have destroyed all ground vegetation so nothing remains for them to rest on but dirt and crushed stone dumped by the irresponsible railroad workers whose destructiveness was, for the most part, blessed by the DCR in spite of the objections of the Cambridge Conservation Commission to irresponsible parking.

B. The entrance.

Here is the entrance.  It has been made “more secure”.  There was a point that the DCR was lying that they wanted a park here for use by human beings, but the human beings thought that use by human beings did not make much sense.

More recently, the DCR discovered that the Charles River White Geese were using the entrance to get food.  The DCR cannot allow the Charles River White Geese any more food than the DCR can help.  So the entrance has been closed with varying obstacles.  Human wear and tear appears to be bad for the obstacles.

There is a small opening through the obstacles that the Charles River White Geese could possibly use.  It has two problems from their point of view.  First, the plastic could conceivably hurt them by getting their feet tangled.  Secondly the opening is narrower than they prefer and could be dangerous because of its narrowness.  They could be vulnerable to attacks by animals outside.  So they are probably just being starved.

After all, heartless animal abuse is one of the claimed rights of the DCR.  Just listen to its cheerleaders.

C. Near Entrance and BU Bridge.

Here are a few photos of the area near the entrance and next to the BU Bridge.

There is a lot of dirt.  The DCR likes dirt.  The last thing the DCR wants is responsible ground vegetation like, shudder, grass.

The birds in the Charles River in the last photo are Canadas.

The grey wall straight ahead in the second photo, and on the left in the third and fourth is the BU Bridge.

The structure running from left to right in the last picture is the Grand Junction Railroad Bridge.

D. Core Area.

Here are some photos of the area which is the core area of the Charles River White Geese.

Cambridge’s irresponsible city council is considering plans which would destroy most if not all of these trees.  This is in the part of the “Grand Junction” plan that is kept as secret as possible.  The irresponsible parts of Cambridge plans are always kept as secret as possible.  The City Council members, loudly brag, WITHOUT MENTION OF THE DESTRUCTIVE PART, about their plans for the Grand Junction.

This is the usual lying of omission.  Brag about the good stuff.  Lie about the vile stuff, and get responsible people supporting the entire package under the false impression they are dealing with a responsible city government.

To be exact, too many members of the Cambridge City Council loudly declare no right to discuss the Charles River, LYING THROUGH OMISSION about their current destructive plans and about past and planned destructive City of Cambridge behavior.

E. Toward Memorial Drive Ramp.

And is a photo of the area with, on the right, the hillside toward the ramp to Memorial Drive.  At the top of the crushed stone highway can be see the orange blockage at the entrance.  This prevents public use of the supposed public highway, but the blockade serves a purpose.  It further starves the Charles River White Geese in accordance with the DCR's rights as Heartless Animal Abusers.

The brown area to the left has been shown in detail in the first photo in section 1.C of this report.  Bushes died.  Not even grass planted in their place.

No grass in the brown area.  No responsible ground vegetation.  Any green spots in the ever present dirt look like moss.  Although some of the native vegetation is expanding a little bit, as is some of the introduced stuff.

There have been some small trees planted.  The contractors like money.

3. Context.

A. Destruction plans PARTIALLY implemented in January..

Here are the DCR destruction plans for the DNA and the Wild Area.  This is the part of the January 2016 destruction which has been the least implemented SO FAR.

At the top of the map is Memorial Drive and the on ramp from the BU Bridge.  At the bottom right is the Charles River.

One of the biggest makes when dealing with the DCR or Cambridge is to assume “they would never stoop so low.”

It is entirely possible that I have made that error in interpreting this map.

B. Wild Area.

The middle right side of the map, above the Charles River. is the Wild Area.

Here is photo of it from last year.  It is right in the middle of the photo.  On the left is the railroad bridge.  On the right is Boston University’s BU Boathouse.

The map shows EXACTLY ONE TREE in this area.  The only reasonable interpretation is that they are destroying everything and simply lying.  They do a lot of lying.

If you look to the left in the map, you will see one blackened in circle.  That is the magnificent tree overlooking the Destroyed Nesting Area which the DCR brags it wants to destroy.

C. Magnificent, doomed tree.

Here is a photo of that magnificent tree also from before this year.

This particular doomed tree dominates the photo and for what it is worth, towers over the red light in addition to everything else.

Under the doomed tree to the left is the ramp to Memorial Drive.  The entrance to the Destroyed Nesting Area is directly above the middle of the three highway lines.  The food the Charles River White Geese have the nerve to want is the grass on the left side of the on ramp.

I do not see the blockade to the entrance in this photo.  It must have been before the DCR learned the Charles River White Geese were actually having the nerve to eat.

The plans show other, not destroyed trees next to the on ramp to Memorial Drive.

But the plans show nothing else in the nesting area.  I have been making the mistake of assuming that they omissions were for lack of relevance.  But there is the problem that it is always a mistake to assume “they would never stoop so low.”

First of all, they plan to destroyed the Wild Area.  The easiest way to destroy the Wild Area is by trucks through the Destroyed Nesting Area.  Those trucks would destroy much of the pittance of responsible or vaguely responsible vegetation which has been planted.  They would also destroy trees which have not been show.

D. City Council Destruction Plans.

Additionally, here is the plan the Cambridge City Council is considering and lying about by omission.  One of the plans show a fence between the Destroyed Nesting Area and the Wild Area.  The Charles River White Geese have used the Wild Area for nesting because of the massive destruction of ground vegetation.  That fence would destroy access.

In this photo, the Charles River is at the top right, with the BU Bridge at the bottom and, apparently, the on ramp parallel to Memorial Drive.

The Cambridge City Council is considering highway construction here, the J shape in the middle of the Destroyed Nesting Area.  This is the major stuff they are lying about by omission.  It is clearly visible in the map.

What is not visible is the number of trees which would be destroyed.  This part of Cambridge plans is pretty much ALWAYS omitted through Cambridge’s very strong policy of lying by omission.

Additionally, none of the trees toward the Charles River are shown.  The DCR has show its loving for destroying trees next to the Charles River in the January 2016 destruction.

There is no reasonable to assume “they would never stoop so low.”

E. General Summary Flier.

On general principles, here is the main flier being distributed, for your information.  It gives contact possibilities, plus proposals for response, and gives my explanation for the outrage.  It does not go into the plans for destruction at Magazine Beach, on the other side of the BU Bridge.  I really much limit the content of each report.