Sunday, September 11, 2016

Charles River: Environmentally Destructive State Rep Fired by the Voters

Charles River: Environmentally Destructive State Rep Fired by the Voters

1. The Cambridge Chronicle on line report.
2. Charles River Outrage Key?
3. The use of the Grand Junction railroad for Commuter Rail.
4. Further destruction proposed on the Charles River.

1. The Cambridge Chronicle on line report.

The Cambridge Chronicle report, on line, Posted 9/8/16 at 11:28 pm, updated 9/9/16 at 1:55 pm.

* * * * *

Cambridge activist and attorney Mike Connolly unseated longtime state representative and Cambridge city Councilor Tim Toomey by just 400 votes Thursday night in the 26th Middlesex District democratic race, according to unofficial results provided by the Cambridge and Somerville election commissions.

Connolly pulled in 2042 votes, or 52 percent, in Cambridge to Toomey’s 1828. While Somerville cast 704 ballots for Toomey and 884 for Connolly.

Toomey conceded shortly after 9:30 p.m. with a Facebook post congratulating his opponent.

* * * * *

Ed:  This was the Democratic primary.  However, in this part of the world, the Democratic primary is the only election which counts.

2. Charles River Outrage Key?

Connolly’s victory, according to the Chronicle, was by 400 votes in a State Representative District which is includes adjacent parts of Cambridge and Somerville.  Connolly won by 214 votes in Cambridge, and by 180 in Somerville.  My calculation of their numbers puts the victory margin at 394.

Toomey has filthy hands on the destruction of Memorial Drive both as a State Representative and as a City Councilor.  For a view of Toomey’s reminder to the voters of Toomey’s bad record, please see our video on the destruction of Memorial Drive, posted at

There is way too much in the video to repeat once again the many photos in the YouTube report, almost all of which were also published in this blog.

It would greatly understate the outrage on the Charles for me to pick out one or two photos from this report.  Please view the report.

This view presented in this report faced the voters constantly from the time of destruction to the time of election.

My sum of the Chronicle numbers indicates a total of 5,458 votes cast for one candidate or the other.

Obtaining 394 votes against Toomey, given the very major outrage that Toomey is a part of, is nothing.

I very strongly hope that Representative Elect Connolly will respect the decision of the voters and get rid of the Department of Conservation and Recreation’s responsibilities with regard to the Charles River.

3. The use of the Grand Junction railroad for Commuter Rail.

Toomey has been a shining light in the environmentally reprehensible Cambridge political machine.

Toomey stands out from the rest of the Cambridge City Council because of his leadership in fighting against the environmental outrage associated with the Grand Junction commuter rail proposal in which commuter trains would inflict damage on the Charles River and on city pollution counts by blocking traffic on at least six Cambridge streets, four of the six MAJOR city streets.  I do not know how much destruction it would inflict on the Somerville part of his State Representative district.

Toomey was the light in the middle of darkness, forcing responsible behavior out of the Cambridge City Council on this matter.

The trouble is that the massive destruction of the environment which centers on the Cambridge City Council is so major that while Toomey’s excellence on the Grand Junction is commendable, the destructiveness of the Cambridge City Council simply overwhelms the decency of Toomey’s great behavior on the Grand Junction.

The fine print in the expansion project at South Station, however, appears to force future commuter traffic from the West to Boston onto the Grand Junction.

I strongly hope that Representative Elect Mike Connolly corrects the situation.  Toomey has, to the best of my knowledge, been silent on the impact of the South Station expansion project on the Grand Junction commuter rail plans.

4. Further destruction proposed on the Charles River.

Cambridge, the Department of Conservation and the Cheerleaders are by no means done destroying on the Charles River.  The number of trees to be destroyed by this outrage which were admitted by Cambridge and the DCR are at least 100 below the destruction clear from the DCR destruction plans on the work which is ongoing.
The video goes into this secret destruction in detail.

Further massive destruction and heartless animal abuse are planned by the Cambridge City Council as secret parts of the Cambridge City Council Grand Junction Proposal.

I strongly hope the entire bunch learns from the firing of State Representative Toomey.

Furthermore, Cambridge, the DCR and the cheerleaders are fighting for the following at Magazine Beach.  They want to:

Destroy even more Street Trees.
Destroy trees around the hill parking lot west of the playing fields.
Prohibit parking in the hill parking lot and reduce the number of spaces there.
Continue the failed dumping of poisons on Magazine Beach.  They want to destroy the proven failed poison drinking grass introduced in the 2000s and replace the failures with more poison drinkers.
Destroy the responsible grasses on the top of the hill and behind the swimming pool.  EXPAND Poison usage to the top of the Hill and to behind the pool by introducing MORE poison drinking grass in place of the responsible grass there.
Continue the failed 16 ft high wall of introduced bushes blocking off the Charles from Magazine Beach introduced in the 2000s.  They refuse to provide the LAWN TO THE RIVER they promised.  They built that outrageous wall instead.
Continue prohibiting private boat docking by continuing the blocking of the boats by the 16 foot high wall of bushes.
Continue starving the 35 year resident Charles River White Geese with the 16 foot high introduced wall.
Increase destruction of the last remaining home of the Charles River White Geese east of the BU Bridge.
Continue the Poisoning of FREE ANIMALS if they eat the poison drinking introduced grasses.
Charge people to use boats off Magazine Beach INSTEAD OF FREE BOAT DOCKING.  Introduce other retail.

I hope that Connolly and the Cambridge City Council learn from the voters and end this outrage.