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Charles River: Destruction on the Charles River Gets Worse. Two years of poisoning planned.

RE: Charles River: Destruction on the Charles River Gets Worse.  Two years of poisoning planned.

I. Photo and label dominating first page of the letter.
II. Letter to Cambridge City Manager / City Council.
1. Introduction.
2. Poisons being introduced into the Charles River by the DCR / Cambridge Robots.
3. Behavior by neighboring communities contrasted to Cambridge, DCR and Robots..
A. Boston.
B. Arlington.
C. Cambridge / Robots / DCR Activities at Alewife.
4. Summary.
III. Referenced motion attached to City Manager - City Council letter.
IV. Apology.
V. The Fake Groups / Cambridge Development Department make their position on resident animals clear.

I. Photo and label dominating first page of the letter in Section II.

The photo and label in this section dominated page 1 of the letter in Section II.  Section IV explains the structure of this post.

* * * * *

Charles River Banks in Boston  

Boston Conservation Commission expressed outrage at destruction of vegetation here by DCR Robots, destruction being flaunted by Cambridge / DCR Robots at Magazine Beach.  Now the Cambridge Robots are adding related poisoning of the Charles River.

The same robots are fighting to move Soldiers Field Road on top of the banks of the Charles River which were defended by the BCC from attack by the earlier DCR robots.  They want this in the Mass. Pike (I90) Rebuild.  The Cambridge Robots are using tactics similar to the way they assisted in the  Cambridge / DCR destruction of hundreds of trees and habitat east of the BU Bridge.

* * * * *

II. Letter to Cambridge City Manager / City Council.

[Addressed to Cambridge City Manager and City Council]

RE: Charles River: Destruction on the Charles River Gets Worse.  Two years of poisoning planned.

1. Introduction.
2. Poisons being introduced into the Charles River by the DCR / Cambridge Robots.
3. Behavior by neighboring communities contrasted to Cambridge, DCR and Robots..
A. Boston.
B. Arlington.
C. Cambridge / Robots / DCR Activities at Alewife.
4. Summary.

Gentlemen / Ladies:

1. Introduction.

This follows on ours of December 11, 2017, received by the Cambridge City Council at its meeting of December 18, 2017, RE:  Charles River: Destruction on Magazine Beach gets Worse, DPW Involvement.  For the benefit of the new councilors, We are enclosing a copy (attachment 1). [Ed: See Section IV below]

It turns out that this outrage will also include two years of poison drainage into the Charles River.

We are also enclosing (attachment 2) a copy of order 2 of December 11, 2017, in which the City Council expresses concern about poisoning of the Merrimack River and other smaller poisonings of waterways including the Mystic River near Cambridge and which supported state legislation to remedy poisoning of waterways. [Ed: Section III, below.]

This destruction at Magazine Beach certainly appears to be part of the destruction supported by the Cambridge City Council in its order 1 of April 24, 2017.  We have gone into great detail debunking the “dead or dying” nonsense upon which City Council supported massive tree destruction, and responding to other environmental outrages supported by the Cambridge City Council by this vote.

Our extensive analysis in our 51 page June 6, 2017, communication went into the destruction supported by this motion.  We strongly encourage the new City Council to reverse it.  We have provided individual DVD copies of the letter with its extensive graphic analysis for the benefit of the members of the past council.  We will be pleased to provide copies to the members of the new Council who so wish, including carryover members.  We also provided a number of follow ups to provide updates on destruction by the DCR, including destruction the DCR kept secret in the “plans” which we passed on to the City Council.

You may also view our June 6, 2017 report in the city on line records at, pages 198 to 249.  As we recall, however, the city file, with the other documents from that meeting runs over 500 pages.  It is a slow download.  We also have the document broken into email sized PDF portions which we would we be pleased to provide to anyone who wishes as email attachments.

2. Poisons being introduced into the Charles River by the DCR / Cambridge Robots.

It just so happens that, upon further information, the Robots of the Department of Conservation and Recreation and of the Cambridge Development Department whom we reported are destroying the environment at Magazine Beach are also poisoning the Charles River.

Here is just one of the photographs included in the attachment.  [ed: see section IV for URL]

The purpose of this introduced wetlands is to act as a drain to keep DCR / Cambridge poisons from draining into the Charles River.

Before the Cambridge / DCR outrages of the 2000's, Magazine Beach was a pristine environment.  Cambridge and the DCR introduced poisons into that environment as part of the 2000's outrages and spent a lot of money with these expensive drainage systems to drain off the new poisons and keep the new poisons from draining into the Charles River.

The leader of the present destruction also looks like the leader of related entities which succeeded in helping the DCR and Cambridge destroy hundreds of trees between the BU and Longfellow Bridges.  She is also leading the fight to destroy 56 mostly excellent trees at Magazine Beach along with related outrages.

I had an interesting discussion with one of her representatives in which he denied that the fake protectors are fighting for destruction.  When that denial did not work, he bragged that all they are destroying are “dead or dying” trees in accordance with the lie which seems to have originated in order 1 of April 24, 2017.  He reversed sides without missing a beat.  Such lack of honesty in key individuals has been a major factor in destruction to date.

In any case, the lead destroyer has reported to the entities on the mailing list of her censored ListServe (the lies are so outrageous that they cannot survive without censoring responsible responses) that she and the DCR intend to keep these tarps in place for two years.  She were seeking stones, bricks and other devices to hold down the tarp for two years.

I saw somebody, probably her, apparently delivering such items on a child’s cart to the poison drainage area a few days ago.  The individual was the correct size but very heavily dressed against the elements.

In addition to the usual heartless animal abuse reported in our last letter, they plan to prevent removal of poisons from Magazine Beach which are being dumped there by Cambridge and the DCR.  In our report on Bee Keeping, dated at December 5, 2017, and received by the City Council on December 11, 2017, we went into some animals Cambridge and the DCR are poisoning even with the poison drainage system.

By blocking drainage in this, the largest portion of the introduced poison drainage system, poisons Cambridge and the DCR are dumping on the Magazine Beach playing fields will flow into the Charles River.

This certainly sounds like the sort of behavior the Cambridge City Council was decrying on the Mystic and Merrimack Rivers in Order 2 of December 18, 2017 [ed: section III below], but Cambridge makes such outrages that much more disturbing because of Cambridge’s non stop self proclamations of sainthood.

3. Behavior by neighboring communities contrasted to Cambridge, DCR and Robots.

A. Boston.

I have been present in a meeting of the Boston Conservation Commission in which the Boston Conservation Commission roundly condemned the DCR for destruction of vegetation in Boston across the Charles River from Magazine Beach.  The destruction sounds pretty much identical to the sort of destruction being accomplished at Magazine Beach.

The BCC was flat out shocked that the DCR could behave so irresponsibly.

Here is a photo of the south side of the Charles River across from Magazine Beach.

It was here or near here that other robots of the DCR were doing destruction similar to the outrages being inflicted on Magazine Beach which are now expanding into two years of poison drainage into the Charles River.

But the responsible people in Boston on the Boston Conservation Commission were disgusted by the destroyers.

In pretty much the same location, the same fake protectors in Cambridge are fighting to move a highway over a portion of the Charles River as part of the Mass. Pike (I90) rebuild.  They, of course, loudly lie that they are pro environment.

B. Arlington / DCR.

Here is a photograph of a portion of the Alewife Reservation north of Route 2 in Arlington.  The marker certainly looks like a DCR marker.  If so, the DCR is destroying in Cambridge what it is managing in Arlington.

The difference very clearly is that Arlington has a responsible government, as does Boston.

The photo and the resident photo below were taken last Friday, December 23, and provided by Phil Barber who comments:

* * * * *

It looks like the poor, unenlightened souls in Arlington have allowed The Fearsome Phragmites to “invade” a wetland and turn it into a beautiful functioning ecosystem without all-wise humans correcting Nature’s errors!

* * * * *

We certainly hope that the Cambridge City Council expresses the same concern about the environment as  Arlington / DCR at Alewife and stands up to the ongoing vegetation destruction at Magazine Beach and poisoning of the Charles.

C. Cambridge / Robots / DCR Activities at Alewife.

By contrast to responsible behavior in Arlington and Boston, Cambridge and the DCR have destroyed 3.4+ acres of the “irreplaceable” Silver Maple Forest at Alewife.  In separate comments chastising developers, it is our understanding that the Cambridge City Council referred to the Silver Maple Forest as “irreplaceable.”  Such comment came in a series of lovely motions chastising developers who were obeying municipally created zoning in the area.

There is the usual fake protective group at Alewife.  The organizer / leader roped people into the group by telling them to yell at developers on private property.  She also told folks not to yell at the city council about zoning or about the public properties threatened in the area.

After Cambridge and the DCR destroyed 3.4+ acres of the Silver Maple forest, the organizer / leader of the fake protective group then proceeded to run around the city bragging about the municipal destruction.  She even put her praise into a letter or oped published in the Cambridge Chronicle.

The robots in her group, although the “leader” was publicly bragging about destruction of 3.4+acres of the Silver Maple Forest, as far as I could gather, would not even consider throwing her out of the organization.  The “leader” of the group remains in the group in spite of her clear lack of fitness for the expressed purposes of the organization.

The City Council protected what is now a former parking lot located between Alewife Station and Route 2.  They downzoned the parking lot for open space.  When the developer proceeded with his project, he acknowledged that the zoning was the reason he returned the parking lot to open space.

That zoning change was led by Sheila Cook and written by me.  Members of the fake protective group treated Sheila Cooke like crap.  As part of their belligerent mistreatment, members of the fake protective group then proceeded to conduct a public celebration of the return to the environment of the parking lot.


Business as usual for the fake protective groups.

Here is the current zoning map of the area marked to show responsible behavior, and some irresponsible municipal behavior, not counting the games played with the buildings that replaced open space.  Buildings in Cambridge in the area are outlined.  The area is marked by use with key points, but no attempt is made to provide boundaries except as shown on the map.

Double clicking will greatly enlarge.

Translation of the markings in the zoning map is:
I. Alewife Subway Station.
II. Route 2.
III. Approximate point of Phil Barber’s photo.  The white area is Arlington.  At the bottom right corner of the Arlington area is part of the path Phil photographed.  I understand that the portion of the path in the photo is north of Massachusetts Route 2 in Arlington.
IV. Area converted from parking lot to open space (OS) because of the Sheila Cook zoning change.  Credit belonging to Cook and to me was KEPT AS SECRET AS POSSIBLE BY THE FAKE PROTECTIVE GROUP.
V. 3.4+ acres destroyed by Cambridge and the DCR with bragging by the leader of the fake group.

Here is a photo of area V in the middle of the destruction.

The trees seen filled the entire area of the photo until the destruction by Cambridge and the DCR.

Destruction was achieved / bragged about by the leader of the local fake protective group, using the same technique the string pullers in the fake group on the Charles River have used and continue to use in their fight for increasing destruction on the Charles River:

Don’t look at what I and my friends are destroying.  Look at what I tell you to look at.

Here is a photo of an Alewife resident looking for food.  It was taken by Phil at the same time as the Arlington photo.

We have previously provided the City Council with photos of a plaque in a propaganda show in City Hall Annex by which the lead destroyer and her friends disputed the right of animals to live in public open spaces in Cambridge. [Ed: See Section V below]

Below are photos of Area IV in 2011, in the process of return to nature, The big tree was previously in the middle of the parking lot, as I recall.

The pathway in the last photo is the winding line under IV in the map.

4. Summary.

Cambridge can join the rest of the world.

Cambridge has had spots of responsible behavior.

The outrage on the Charles River in January 2016, is frightening and is slated to get worse.

We spelled out the 2016 outrage in our video, at  “City Manager” references in this video refer to the predecessor of the current City Manager.  An international expert’s analysis of “improvements” is in our video at

We spelled out plans at Magazine Beach supported by Cambridge City Council Order 1 of April 24, 2017, and we debunked the “dead or dying” lie in that order which we presume was written by the Cambridge Development Department, at, pages 198 to 209.  This is our 51 pager with more than a hundred graphics, showing every doomed tree.

We have followed up with updates / expansion, including the destruction of two trees lovingly cared for by the shopping center on the opposite side of Memorial Drive, and NOT SHOWN ON THE DESTRUCTION MAP.

As we pointed out above, the Cambridge City Council has done some good.  The very terrible things done by Cambridge, the DCR and their Robots are in direct conflict with normal, responsible behavior in Boston and Arlington and elsewhere in responsible communities.  These terrible things are in direct conflict with the responsible behavior communicated in Attachment 2, among other communications.

The excellence in Arlington shows responsible behavior toward beautiful and valuable vegetation being destroyed by Robots controlled by Cambridge / DCR.  The Arlington vegetation COULD POSSIBLY HAVE BEEN MANAGED BY THE DCR.

Reality in Arlington and Boston truly DEBUNKS any claims of responsible behavior associated with the destruction ongoing by Cambridge / DCR robots at Magazine Beach and elsewhere on the Charles River.

The idea of massive destruction of excellent trees achieved and planned shows the level of depravity to which Cambridge, the DCR and their robots have sunk.  These outrages are unthinkable in responsible communities.

The nuttiness of spreading poisons INTO THE CHARLES RIVER for two years to destroy valuable vegetation cherished by Boston, Arlington and, perhaps, the DCR, at the same time as decrying poison of waterways by other communities brings to mind the activities of the Cambridge during the January 2016 destruction.

The sense of values shown in the destruction of the environment reflects a mercantile sense, and fancy words to justify make work for contractors.

EXCELLENT TREES A DAY BEYOND MAXIMUM BEAUTY have “no value” to contractors because contractors have not RECENTLY made money from them.

Beautiful vegetation cherished by Boston and Arlington / DCR (?) is of “no value” because contractors are not paid to plant them, even though Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum devotes 25 acres to their display in Harvard’s living museum, as the following article in the Arboretum’s magazine describes in detail

Please have mercy on the environment of the City of Cambridge and of the Charles River.  Please call off the Robots with their nuttiness and corrupt tactics.  Stop the poisoning of the Charles.  Stop the bizarre destruction including all of the terrible plans..

Replace the DCR with MassDOT.  End the outrages from the fake protective groups.  Clean up the Cambridge Development Department.

Stop the lies and other corrupt behavior.  Stop the destruction, including items already funded or planned but not implemented, AND REPAIR THE EXISTING DESTRUCTION IN A RESPONSIBLE MANNER.


Robert J. La Trémouille, Individually and as
Chair, Friends of the White Geese

III. Referenced motion attached to City Manager - City Council letter.

These graphics can be viewed much larger by double clicking.

IV. Apology.

I wanted to put this at the beginning, but have moved it to the end to prevent people running away at the sight of it.  A trouble is that this helps explain Sections I, II and III.

I have been writing this Blog on the Charles River and the threats to its environment since 2005.  During this period, I have avoided like the plague the politics of Cambridge, MA, USA.  One major reason is that the Blog has an international audience, read in 105 or more countries since 2011.  The other is that the real problems in Cambridge are hidden by layers of what is difficult to call other than fraud.  And sifting through the layers of fraud requires very extended analysis.

I have been spending more and more time on these matters in an attempt to communicate to the real people who should be controlling the situation, the voters of the City of Cambridge.  Letters to the Cambridge City Council are now put on the Internet, freely available to those voters.  As a result, I have been putting more and more items into that medium.

The situation gets bad because those letters take so much time, and I want to communicate the problems on this Blog to the wider audience available here, hoping that the wider audience can have an impact.  And that takes time.

The broader audience lacks, of necessity, knowledge of the underlying reality in the City of Cambridge, and the facts of the underlying reality in Cambridge is kept from Cambridge residents as well through the fraud which dominates the political situation in Cambridge.  And that takes time.

The easiest way to handle the Blog is to pass on the City Council letters in an attempt to communicate to the broader world.

I am passing on to you my letter mailed yesterday, December 29, 2017, to the Cambridge City Council and City Manager.  The City Manager, who has stepped into a mess which I hope he will clean up, will probably receive his copy on January 2, 2018.  The City Council will have its next real meeting on January 8, 2018, returning with three new members among its nine members.

The letter itself is an expansion on my prior blog post on December 24, 2017, entitled “Charles River:   Normal, responsible and beautiful behavior from the Town of Arlington at Alewife.”  It was posted at:

The letter has included two attachments primarily for the benefit of the three new city councilors.

One attachment has previously been posted here, entitled “Charles River: Destruction on Magazine Beach gets Worse”at:  It was received by the Cambridge City Council on December 18, 2017.

The other is a motion which passed the Cambridge City Council at the next to last meeting.  JPEG’s of that motion are presented above in Section III.

Section II presents the letter to the Cambridge City Council / City Manager.

A very key part of the letter is to communicate that Cambridge behavior is strikingly different from responsible behavior in the neighboring communities of Boston, to the south, and Arlington to the west.  I also compare the situation to the supposed idealism in the city council motion supposedly defending the environment.

The letter also communicates the blatantly egregious behavior of Cambridge’s fake protective group in the Alewife area abutting Arlington.  That fake group, like too many such groups in Cambridge, shares common realities with other fake groups, including the one fighting for destruction of the Charles River.

An additional complexity is that blog posts and paper communications have different capabilities.  My letters are dominated by photos presented in such a manner as to maximize their effectiveness.  In this blog, I cannot repeat the effectiveness of those photos on paper, so I just have to insert them as best I can.

Section I presented a photo and label which dominated the first page of the City Manager / City Council letter.

V. The Fake Groups / Cambridge Development Department make their position on resident animals clear.

This is the plaque from the propaganda show in City Hall Annex mentioned in the Letter:

It is unthinkable that anything was included in that propaganda show which was not acceptable to the Cambridge Development Department.

Additionally, I have had second thoughts about plural in the title.  One of the most belligerent characteristics of the fake groups is that they scratch each others back, and march in lock step.  How dare you say that all groups are responsible for the outrages of one!

I would not be so stupid as to think otherwise.

People attend meetings of the fake group fighting to destroy the Charles River were subjected to constant propaganda about the saintliness of the fake group fighting for destruction in the Alewife reservation.  When things got obvious and the leader / creator of the fake Alewife protective group started running around bragging about the destruction which Cambridge, the DCR and she achieved at Alewife, it was highly clear that she was a fraud.

The leader of the fake group fighting for destruction on the Charles River suddenly discovered that Alewife was not on the Charles River and thus was not in his claimed jurisdiction.  He then censored any and all future discussion of Alewife.  By so doing, nobody could give him the credit he deserved for the destruction his former friend was bragging about, AND WHICH HE HELPED HER ACHIEVE.

But he never communicated OR CONDEMNED the reality of the destruction she, and thus he, was responsible for.

The fake groups fighting for destruction which is exactly the opposite of their stated positions can only survive with censorship and corrupt tactics, combined with non stop claims of saintliness.  They have to censor.  They have to pull corrupt tactics.

They cannot survive meaningful discussion.