Sunday, April 29, 2018

Charles River: Destruction + whatever proceeds on Magazine Beach

Charles River:   Destruction + whatever proceeds on Magazine Beach

1. Introduction.
2. Allegedly “new” boat dock, doomed and excellent tree.
3. Ongoing poison dumping into the Charles River.

1. Introduction.

Phil Barber and I visited Magazine Beach and took photos, him on Friday, April 27, me on Saturday, April 28.

His are much higher quality than mine.

To put this report into context, here, again, is my Magazine Beach Playing Fields crop of a major photo in the environmental papers on the work proposed for I90 on the opposite, Boston, side of the Charles River.  It is marked as relevant to this report.

Markings translate as follows:

I Main Magazine Beach parking lot, grey area at far right.  The sand is above the mark.  The doomed tree is to the right of the area visible, and further away from the water than the sand in Phil’s photo.

II Area of construction for new / old dock effort.

III Poison rerouting / former drainage area.

2. Allegedly “new” boat dock, doomed and excellent tree.

Here are three new piles of sand observed and photographed by Phil on Friday:

Barely visible to the left and above the sand is the fake bridge which prevents access to the Boat Dock of the 2000's.  Two trees are visible, each with a pretty much identical sign.

Here is the sign.

This looks like a Cambridge sign.  Judging from the DPW markings, it would appear that Cambridge is doing the work for the Department of Conservation and Recreation.  “DPW” would refer to the Cambridge Department of Public Works.

Here is a file photo of the area around the introduced bridge at the parking lot:   This wall of vegetation was clearly put in place to starve the Charles River White Geese.

The bridge visible in Phil’s photo is to the right of the brownish item in the middle.  Tbat brownish item is at the left of Phil’s photo.  All that lovely vegetation was installed AFTER the DCR and Cambridge realized that the Charles River White Geese were having the nerve to return to this portion of their 37 year habitat TO FEED.  The DCR, with Cambridge’s enthusiastic support is driving away / killing all resident animals on this portion of the Charles River.

Most of the rest of the photos are mine, from April 29, plus file and other photos as stated.

First of all, here is my photo of the same piles of sand taken from the opposite direction.  Phil’s photo is, excellent, including the color.  My photo is not correct as far as the color goes.

I am giving you this photo because one of the 56 doomed trees is to the right of this photo, pretty close to the location of the car.

Here is that doomed tree, one of the 56 which the Cambridge City Council voted to destroy on April 24, 2018, in Order 1, right after the environmental self-sanctification on the steps of Cambridge City Hall.  This tree looks downright excellent to me, but so do so the vast majority of the trees the Cambridge City Council, DCR and friends want to destroy.

It is starting to bud very much in all the areas you can see.  It has been pruned of what must be presumed to have been dead appendages.

The latest destruction plans ARE SECRET.  The fake protectors do not show them even to their fake protective group.  The fake protectors have repeatedly lies that they are not destroying trees, and public discussion of the destruction for is censored as strongly as they censored the destruction of the hundreds of trees they succeeded in destroying between the BU and Longfellow Bridges.

Even if the plan were not secret, TENTATIVE plans not made part of the public record amount to the word of people with records of lack of veracity.  Need I say more?  Additionally, one of the cons of people like this are floating “plans.”  They can force well intentioned folks to chase their tales trying to be accurate.  There is accuracy.  The accuracy is the FILED DESTRUCTION PLANS.

Here is what passes for the plan for the “new” boat dock and looks line the old one with additions, perhaps to get closer to what should not have been destroyed in the 2000's.  One thing which is very clear is that it looks very big, perhaps it blocks the opening in addition to the Starvation Wall blocking the rest?

Here is a photo of the introduced / blocking bridge from about a week or so ago.  It does not appear on this plan, but then neither does all the roots which show in and follow this photo.

The chopped area east (down river) from the “new” / blocked boat dock.

Chopped area west (up river) from the “new” / blocked boat dock.  The introduced bridge is visible at the left.

And here are the introduced wetlands, the far side / down river side of the introduced bridge.

Here is a file photo of the Starvation Wall with opening:

That opening could very easily be blocked by this supposed “new” dock.  The chopped portions of the Starvation Wall will regrow in six years, but the bad guys will brag about “improvements.”

The DCR “plan” for the work that Cambridge may be doing now shows no roots, probably just the usual lies of omission.  Also, keeping the roots secret makes in impossible to tell if that new structure fully blocks the opening

3. Ongoing poison dumping into the Charles River..

Here is my photo of the latest view of the fake protectors blocking of the poison drainage system (III in the first map).

We have had very heavy rain.  Phil reports: “The denuded area is deeply underwater again after the latest heavy rain.”

Less than a day later, most of that deep water was gone.  The fake protectors have the poison drainage system blocked.  The poisons and the water containing them obviously poured into the Charles River.