Friday, June 15, 2018

Charles River: Our Goals.

Charles River:   Our Goals.

The situation is ominous from the core portion of the ongoing and increasing outrage on the Charles River with regard to operatives of the City of Cambridge.

They recently, along with the reprehensible Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, destroyed hundreds of mostly excellent trees and animal habitat between the BU and Longfellow Bridges.  Now they are fighting to destroy 56 more mostly excellent trees at Magazine Beach, probably together with the usual heartless animal abuse and habitat destruction.  The latest outrage could be imminent or otherwise.  After all, secrecy is a key technique in environmental destruction in the City of Cambridge.

So what are the powers that be and their friends doing?

They are very loudly defending trees with all sorts of initiatives, but  somehow none of these “well meaning” people can notice the destruction THEY and their friends are inflicting on the Charles River.

Last evening I had a lovely leafleting session in front of Cambridge City Hall.  On the steps, City Councilors were proudly proclaiming the latest “process” they are fighting for TO DEFEND TREES, and, deafeningly are silent about THEIR outrages on the Charles River.

On the sidewalks, I leafleted passers-by with leaflets reflecting reality and the explanation: “City Council is destroying trees.”

I got word that the poor dears were confused as to the basis for the objections.  So we have mailed the following to the City Manager / City Council.  The Manager will get it Monday or so.  The Council will get it at their meeting on June 25.  It is quite possible that they will only have one meeting between then and September, and THE LATEST logging could be under way by then.

** ** ** ** **

RE: Charles River / Environmentalism: What the Cambridge City Council Should Do.

Gentlemen / Ladies:

In the last month, we have not spelled out the overall activities which the City Council should accomplish, given the non stop mantra of being pro-environment.  We apologize for our failure for the last month to state the obvious.

The following is taken from our letter of May 9, 2018, entitled “Charles River: More GOVERNMENT Destruction at Magazine Beach.’  It was provided in that letter as section 7, Summary.  It repeats statements made many times.  It was received at the May 14, 2018 meeting.

* * * * *

The Cambridge City Council should give us honesty in government.

Stop lying that the City Council is pro environment, or change sides to the side it claims to be on.

To be specific, we request that, consistent with repeated expression of environmental concerns by THE CAMBRIDGE CITY COUNCIL, the following actions be taken:

A Retract and rescind the City Council’s action on April 24, 2017, in order 1, supporting the destruction of 56 mostly excellent trees and related outrages in the Magazine Beach recreation area.

B. Trash the Department of Conservation and Recreation as manager of all properties under its jurisdiction in Cambridge in favor of replacement by the Department of Transportation.

C. End the environmental outrages planned by the DCR and Cambridge and reverse, insofar as feasible, the many outrages accomplished by the DCR, Cambridge and related entities from November 1, 1999, to the current date.

* * * *

These repeatedly stated goals are eminently reasonable from a city government which purports to be an example for humanity.

** ** ** **

Our video on the outrage between the BU Bridge and the Longfellow Bridge may be viewed at  The City Manager referenced is the prior City Manager.

Our letter of June 4, 2017, responding to the City Council’s outrageous vote of April 24, 2017, may be viewed at, pages 198 to 249.  This letter runs 51 pages with over a hundred graphics, detailing to the Cambridge City Council the nature of the situation at Magazine Beach.  It provides a detailed debunking of the flat out lie “dead or dying” used in the April 24 vote.  It shows the excellence of the trees they are destroying which they, now, somehow, are so confused about.  There have been MANY follow ups.

Note, however, that there are three new City Councilors.  Unfortunately, while it is possible that one or more of the three is as confused as the City of Cambridge and friends are trying to make the voters, such a claim get tiring with age.  Sympathy will be totally gone if destruction starts so soon that they “cannot do anything about it.”