Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Massive Tree Destruction and Funding Games, Coming Magazine Beach Destruction, part 5.

The level of dishonesty in the fight of the Cambridge City Council, the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation and their cheerleaders for destruction on the Charles River is outrageous.

The following letter was delivered to the Cambridge City Manager on June 10, 2019, and to the Cambridge City Clerk on the same day for delivery to the Cambridge City Council at its next meeting.  It is reformatted to fit this medium.

One of the samples of reality included in this letter was my personal encounters with the people funding the destruction lobby.  My encounter with the funders of the destruction lobby resulted in a response that more than 50% had been handed a bill of goods.

Is it any surprise that the Cambridge City Council and the Department of Conservation and Recreation are playing funding games to permit lies of sainthood by the Cambridge City Council?

The numbers are as follows:

The Cambridge City Council would appear to be running for reelection based on a claim to be defending the trees of the city.

A woman who is not running for reelection supported this nonsensical claim in debate claiming she did not want any trees destroyed.

My video on the destruction of hundreds of trees between the next two bridges east of Magazine Beach is posted at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTplCCEJP7o.  The City Council’s public “position” was to yell at circuses traveling on the public ways for animal abuse with total silence about the trees destruction and heartless animal abuse ongoing SIMULTENEOUSLY by Cambridge and the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation.

My publishing of the OFFICIAL FILED PLANS for destruction at Magazine Beach presented by me to the Cambridge City Council is posted at http://focrwg.com/agenda1.html.

As noted in the below letter, the official filed plans called for the destruction of 54 mostly excellent trees.  I document the increase to 56 shortly after filing of the plans by me, and the subsequent increase to 58.

But the Cambridge City Council will run for reelection based on yelling at the other guy for actions which are a pittance, when compared to the outrages on the Charles River.

All the incumbents running for reelection will keep the outrage which is environmental reality in Cambridge, MA, as secret as possible.

* * * * *

Gentlemen / Ladies:

Please excuse my silence in front of you during the past months.  On April 1, I suffered a very major injury which kept me inpatient for five weeks, and I really have not fully recovered since then.

I do note that on April 1, you received part 4 in this series, going into the reality behind your vote further cementing the division of funding between the Cambridge City Council and the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation.  The City Council gets to claim sainthood and the DCR does the dirty stuff.

It rather is distressing to see the first implementation of the division of funds has already occurred.

Here is the relevant part of the funding map first disclosed by the City Council’s “kind of activist” in support of this vote.

Area 1 is the area that the City Council gets to brag about.  Area 4 is the area that the City Council gets to claim lack of responsibility for IN THIS JOINT PROJECT, whose shared nature the City Council brags about when convenient.

The City Council and the DCR have increased Magazine Beach destruction to 58 from the previous 56.   The added destruction is ABOVE THE DIVIDING LINE across from and to the right of the building which was abandoned for 80 years.

Here are the latest excellent trees destroyed:  If any of you wish to, please point out where destruction of these trees was included in the destruction plans.

Here are the filed destruction plans for this area.  They are marked to show the presentation in my June 6, 2017 analysis presented to the Cambridge City Council.

I do not see this destruction disclosed.

Cambridge and the DCR have since destroyed two trees on the sidewalk in front of the MicroCenter Parking lot which were lovingly cared for by the owners.  That increased the 54 in the June 6, 2017 report to 56.

Here are those destroyed trees which were kept secret in the Cambridge Conservation Commission report.

This destruction shown above increases destruction at Magazine Beach to 58.

I spent a lot of time in the area of this latest destruction during festivities sponsored by the City Council’s “kind of activist” as a way of thanking folks providing funds to help the destruction she fights for WHILE KEEPING THE DESTRUCTION SECRET even from people footing the lobbying bill.

I talked to a lot of folks involved in the celebration.

Very clearly, at least half of the folks participating in the celebration of work at Magazine Beach by the DCR and the Cambridge City Council were getting told only of the politically responsible parts of the project. They had been told about the excellence of the politically responsible parts.

They were kept from knowledge about the truly reprehensible parts, including this increase of destruction from 56 to 58 trees in the area allocated by the funding games to the DCR..

This part of the park is heavily vegetated with large numbers of doomed, now excellent trees.

I remember observing the mulch shown in the picture at the top of page 2 [ed: above].  It had just been spread.  I assumed that dumping mulch around trees meant they were safe from the City Council / DCR depredations.

Once again, Cambridge and the DCR remind me of probably the most important thing to remember on the Charles River:


The area where so many people who have been lied to were being fed is to the left of the 80 year vacant building in this area.

Here is a photo of the part the city council was bragging about in this latest SECRET vote.

The fine print would indicate that there appear to include yet another barrier to free animals access to the area where they have fed for most of the past 38 years.  The heartless animal abuse is, of course, never mentioned.

And here is a photo of the residents for most of the last 38 years and who are being further starved.

The photo was taken the day they learned they were being deliberately starved.


Robert J. La Trémouille