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Drone Photos: Cambridge and DCR Destruction on Magazine Beach, Charles River, part 3

Drone Photos:  Cambridge and DCR Destruction on Magazine Beach, Charles River, part 3

1. Destruction at the Charles River’s edge.
2. Phil’s Report continued:
3. General Response.
4. Photos.
A. More General Photos.
B. Destruction of fine Ornamental.
C. Destruction of Excellent Mulberry and neighbor.
D. Destruction at work.
E. Heartless Animal Abuse.

1. Destruction at the Charles River’s edge.

My current series of passing on of observations by Phil at Magazine Beach with drone photos have been interrupted by the Coronavirus situation.

Prior reports in this series may be viewed at:

A. “Panoramic Photos of the targeted part of the Charles River,”, March 6, 2020.

B. “Developer Hated NON PAID FOR Vegetation Thrives on Charles River. Charles River Poisoner Paid Off by Cambridge City Council,”, March 10, 2020.

2. Phil’s Report continued:

The fences by the old Magazine have blown down yet again so I have been strolling through the area at the river's edge to see what they did.  Lots of people are doing the same, walking their dogs and biking through and there is not a "no trespassing" sign in view if you might want to have a look.  They dumped some boulders and logs at the water's edge, cut back most of the existing flora and replaced it with plants from a nursery.  The path is elevated so finally it shouldn't become impassable after a rain, though the fields are totally waterlogged again.  I think the expensive drainage system they put has completely silted over.

3. General Response.

This continues our analysis of the fraud of environmental saintliness by AT LEAST seven members of the Cambridge, MA, USA, City Council.

Let’s start off, again, with the overall photo of the playing fields and show them again from the drone which I have been presenting.  The original drone footage without cropping is published at, entitled “Cambridge to Boston with the DJI Inspire 1, Drone Footage.”  The overview still of interest here is T minute 7.11.  Crops of stills below will cite only the minute the still originated in.

The area Phil reports on today is the area on the Charles River on the upper left.  The massive tree at the corner is on the destruction plans but has not yet been destroyed.

The Cambridge City Council first PRAISED the then announced destruction of 54 (now 60 plus) mostly excellent trees at Magazine Beach in Order number 1 of April 27, 2017.  This followed their May Day self deification on environmental issues presented on City Hall steps just before May Day 2017.  The official record of this vote is published at, pages 309 and 310.

I responded with my letter dated June 6, 2017, forwarding to the Cambridge City Council THE DEPARTMENT OF CONSERVATION AND RECREATION’s FILED PLANS FOR DESTRUCTION.  These are presented in the plans that this unanimous City Council praised in Order 1 of April 27, 2017.

The letter I filed is posted on the Charles River White Geese webpage at  Links to the official files of this letter and this file have been repeatedly presented to the destructive and fraudulent Cambridge City Council.  It took me a month to put together this highly inclusive collection of OFFICIALLY doomed trees whose destruction the Cambridge City Council praised in typically hypocritical language destroyed in my letter.

The Cambridge City Council does a lot of lies of sainthood.  This latest outrage has paralleled the Magazine Beach outrage in the 2000's, with funds allocation to allow lying of sainthood by the Cambridge City Council, EXCEPT this time, the funds allocation con has included actual destruction by the Cambridge City Council.

The tactic this time has been SECRET votes so vague as to allow fake environmentalists to claim they did not know what they were doing.  The trouble with that pitch is that they very clearly do not want to know what they are doing.

I will not repeat the many reports on this fraud.  An excellent way to get a good view of the outrage is to visit the Charles River White Geese Facebook page.  This page consists of condensations of these reports with selected photos and links to this blog.  Just go back and back and back

A good example of the situation came after a particularly egregious destruction of excellent trees on the Memorial Drive side of the Magazine Beach reservation.  Those excellent trees graced the pedestrian overpass over Memorial Drive.  I leafleted people crossing immediately following the destruction.  The leaflet included a before photo of their excellence at the curve next to the recreation area.  I leafleted telling people that the photo was what the curve looked like THE PRIOR WEEKEND.

The test of me by several Magazine Beach users was by those people neutrally pointing out the work Phil mentions.  I suddenly got appreciative friendliness from folks when I responded by pointing out the tree destruction there.

4. Photos.

A. More General Photos.

The area Phil is reporting on is cropped from the above at minute 7.11.

Visible beyond the Starvation Wall on the left are some of the excellent trees in the Magazine Beach Park

The magnificent doomed willow is at the upper end of the Starvation Wall.  Work has been done under these trees.

Here is my photo of that excellent Willow on the DCR Destruction plans praised by that unanimous City Council.  The Starvation Wall is at the left.

Here, from minute 7.26, is a closer shot of the “old Magazine” mentioned by Phil.

It is beyond the large trees in the above two pictures.

The white area to the left of the magazine is probably the wall which separates the magazine from the river front.

The empty space to the left of the magazine building and to the right rear of that large tree contained the nice and destroyed ornamental mentioned below.

Here is a crop of the swimming pool beyond the “magazine.” This crop is taken from minute 10.02.

In its most recent SECRET vote, the Cambridge City Council funded “environmental” employment by the woman who created the public health hazard in the Charles River in 2019.  The Charles River Poisoner is being paid by the Cambridge City Council for “environmental” work in the grey area.  This work is laying the ground work for the destruction of the excellent trees facing Memorial Drive to the lower right.

B. Destruction of fine Ornamental.

Here is my before picture of this destroyed excellence.  In the background is the wall behind “old Magazine” mentioned by Phil.  In the middle is the excellent ornamental destroyed by the Cambridge City Council as a result of that SECRET vote. 

The DCR and Cambridge City Council have contempt for Ornamentals and fruit trees.

The wall behind the ornamental is part of the decoration for the magazine.  It looms over the river front at this point.

The branch in the upper left of the photo is the large tree showing in the left of the drone photo, second above.

The distant trees are on the Boston side of the Charles River.

Here is a ground photo of that large tree with the since destroyed ornamental in the background.  To the right is a corner of the magazine.

Here is my photo of the destroyed ornamental with the magazine and its wall in the background and the NOT DESTROYED big tree closer to the camera.

That wall is at least six feet high facing the river.

In the drone photo, fourth above, there is an opening to the right of the big tree and beyond it that used to be this ornamental.

C. Destruction of Excellent Mulberry and neighbor.

Here is Phil’s AFTER PHOTO of the excellent Mulberry tree which has been destroyed using the SECRETLY AWARDED funds of the Cambridge City Council.  It was behind the camera in the above picture and blocked out by the large trees shown in the Drone photo.

We are at a disadvantage on showing this tree because it was fraudulently omitted from the destruction plans filed with the Cambridge Conservation Commission.  Most of our photos were taken in the month after the City Council praised the destruction and were partially used in our June 6, 2017 letter cited above.

Here is Phil’s before picture.  It is the extremely large tree which dominates two thirds of this picture whose branches extend to the left end of the photo.  Its base is at the bottom right.

This Mulberry is clearly in the area protected by the Cambridge Conservation Commission.  The Cambridge City Council paid for its destruction in spite of the omission from the filed destruction plans.  The City Council rather consistently has voted for destruction NOT WANTING TO KNOW WHAT IT WAS DOING.

My June 6, 2017 letter only included trees WHOSE DESTRUCTION WAS NOT KEPT SECRET in the plans filed by the DCR.  So all we have are Phil’s file photos.

The highlighted tree is another in the area simply destroyed and kept secret from the filing.  The building in the rear is disproportionately large because of telephoto distortion.  It is on the Boston University campus across the Charles River.  The cars in front of it are on Interstate 90, the Mass. Pike.  This is a 1913 shot by Phil.  The Charles River is visible upon careful observation, including a flotilla of the Charles River White Geese.

D. Destruction at work.

Here are remnants of trees obviously destroyed with the City Council’s SECRET funds.  They have been casually dumped against the Magazine, Phil’s photo.

We cannot be certain which destruction these trees come from, except that they include previously SECRET destruction..

Here is Phil’s photo of destruction machines in action.

Destruction which was previously SECRET raises the destruction count to 60+ on Magazine Beach.

This destruction is part of the middle phase of the destruction of between 300 and 400 trees on the Charles River in Cambridge between the River Street Bridge and the Longfellow Bridge by Cambridge and the DCR.

E. Heartless Animal Abuse.

Phil did not get photos of the area he mentions against the river: “boulders and logs.”

Here is my photo of the area across from the Hyatt Regency where probably comparable destruction was done as a result of the January 2016 outrage.  He mentions boulders and logs.  Here are the boulders.

Every tree across from the Hyatt Regency was destroyed in January 2016.

Our video on that outrage is posted at  It includes a presentations on the Magazine Beach outrage and further outrages east of the BU Bridge planned as Phase 3, and, of course, praised by the Cambridge City Council in the usual “deniable” action..

The Charles River White Geese used to feed in this area.  This Starvation Wall destroyed this part of their habitat for them.  The comparable outrage reported by Phil will do the same.

It looks beautiful unless you have webbed feet and are trying to get out of the Charles River to feed on the luscious vegetation on the shore. The slope above is comparable to the slope in this picture.  Both areas were, readily accessible by the 39 year resident Charles River White Geese until heartless behavior by the Cambridge City Council and DCR proceeded to starve them.

This is an area at the Playing Fields set aside for destruction as part of the funding of the above outrages.  This area is comparable to the Hyatt Regency shore destruction, Phil’s photo.

Here is a photo provided to me of Charles River White Geese being fed in this general area on September 4, 2008, THE DAY THE DESTRUCTIVE Cambridge City Council and the state DCR STARTED TO STARVE THE CHARLES RIVER WHITE GEESE.

This fence was the beginning of the series of outrages which became the 16 foot PLUS high Starvation Wall.  The 39 year resident, tourist and resident beloved Charles River White Geese have been kept from their most important habitat AND ITS FOOD since then.

The tree in the upper right corner of the above photo is quite certainly the same tree in the middle here.  It is the excellent and DOOMED willow whose photo I provided above.  NOTE THE DIFFERENCE IN VEGETATION.

MEMBERS OF THE CAMBRIDGE CITY COUNCIL CALL THEMSELVES ENVIRONMENTAL SAINTS.  They keep their heartless animal abuse, destruction of excellent trees, and destruction of animal habitat as secret as possible.  In the second report of this series, we documented the poisoning of the Charles River by the woman the Cambridge City Council funded to provide “environmental” assistance in the destruction in the area of the swimming pool.  Details are provided in the second report of this series, citation above.

The other part of the lies of environmental sainthood is very much nonstop yelling at the other guy.  They brag of that and keep their very real environmental outrages as secret as possible.