Saturday, November 19, 2005

Capuano Representative Confirms Possible Mass. Pike Exit To Cambridge, MA

As Published in Cambridge Chronicle, September 2005, with paragraphing edits (Bob)

A representative of U.S. Rep. Mike Capuano has confirmed a possible change to the Mass. Pike.

The representative told the Dana Park Neighborhood Association that the turnpike is considering, but not currently acting on, a plan that would allow westbound traffic to change directions at the Allston-Brighton tolls.

City Council candidate Bob LaTrémouille said this is one step closer to a full off ramp from the Pike to Cambridgeport on the railroad bridge under the BU Bridge to allow Harvard to build on the existing Allston-Brighton off ramps which Harvard owns.

"The MBTA proved the Cambridgeport off ramp viable for traffic coming from the west," said LaTrémouille. "Turning around traffic coming from the east at Allston-Brighton would allow the Pike to use the Cambridgeport off ramp as a full off ramp. Hundreds of trees are being destroyed and the Charles River White Geese being starved to prepare for this off ramp."