Saturday, November 19, 2005

City of Cambridge, MA and Dogs in Context

August 1, 2005 (Bob) to Cambridge Chronicle, not certain if published.

The City Council’s sudden interest in rights for dogs and dog owners attempts to hide the fact that the problem is artificial attacks on animals by the City of Cambridge in the first place.

Cambridge’s restrictions on dogs are draconian and inexcusable.

Cambridge’s mistreatment of dogs is part of a pattern of contempt for living beings by the City of Cambridge.

Cambridge has poisoned birds in our public squares.

Cambridge destroyed the bird sanctuary which used to be located on the City Hall front lawn. This was done by cutting down the bird’s trees and vines. Those birds conducted a 365 day happy chorus. That beautiful chorus was casually, heartlessly destroyed.

Cambridge routinely and needlessly destroys mature trees in its public works projects.

Cambridge is heartlessly starving the Charles River White Geese by denying them access to most of their 25 year, mile long habitat and feeding grounds.

Cambridge on Magazine Beach has destroyed the most important wetlands, wetlands vegetation and animal habitat.
Cambridge is installing a wall of vegetation which has no business on the Charles River. Cambridge is isolating Magazine Beach from animals and from the Charles River as much as possible.

Cambridge, as part of the sewer project across from the Hyatt has created another wall of vegetation starving free animals, especially the Charles River White Geese.

All wetlands, wetlands vegetation, animal habitat and more than 449 to 660 trees are being destroyed on the Charles River.

Animal habitat at Alewife is being flooded because the City of Cambridge is spending too much money on environmental destruction and "cannot afford" to responsibly handle the water in question.

Freely running dogs under control of their owners should not be barred from parks unless there is a good reason.
Exactly the opposite is the current policy.

City councilors with open contempt for animals are bragging about dribs and drabs they are proposing to create. These dribs and drabs modify their own draconian dog restrictions which are so irresponsible they should not even exist.

The solution of the dog issue is the same as the solution for all attacks on free animals by the City of Cambridge.
We need a city council we can be proud of, not a city council which is as destructive of living beings who are not human beings as it can get away with.

We need to get rid of nine city councilors.