Thursday, December 29, 2005

Cruelty to Canadas

Bob reports:

The following was received from Cheri:

Cheri Ezell of Maple Farm Sanctuary sent a photo and comments:

Every year we have Canadian geese come to our hay fields and on bad days I feed them corn (a no-no by MSPCA). Two of this years geese have these yellow tubes on their necks that appear extremely uncomfortable. I took a couple of pictures and could send one if you need to see the style/number. Is there something about these poor geese that someone has the burning need to track these creatures?

My Response:

First of all, since we started this effort we have accumulated very strong lack of respect for the MSPCA.

We do not consider them pro-animal, we consider them pro-animal control and definitely not good guys. Feed away.

Marylin Comments:

Last winter at the goose meadow there was a Canada goose with a downward-facing cone-shaped collar--uncomfortable and awkward. Two others were banded on their legs. One was lame on the banded leg and I wondered if it was lamed in the banding.


Here's my first attempt at attaching a .jpg file in my new email account! The number on the goose collar is 69MM and the collar itself appears to be rather uncomfortable.


Maple Wood Farms' website is and Cheri comments it needs updating.

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