Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Kittie adapts to the cold weather

Karen reports:

Hello Marilyn and Bob,

Just thought I would pass this along to you,

My sister was at home this morning, and her boyfriend said to her, could you come here for a minute, I need to speak to you, he was in the bathroom. She went in and looked and her Maine Coon cat Wolfie was on the toilet going to the bathroom.
My mother told me, tonight when I got home from the health club. I thought it was funny, I guess he sees others in there, so he thought he should too. He is smart.

I swear I think the animals are smarter than most people. Anyway, my sister has his litter box on the deck of their apartment, she has a small apartment, its too cold out for him, to go on the deck, so he thought he would use the toilet,

I laugh to myself when I think of it..... Talk to you all soon, Karen

Wolfie is a cute cat too, and in the good weather spends most of his time outdoors.