Sunday, August 06, 2006

Charles River White Geese Photos Included in Photo Display at Suffolk University in Boston - Announcement, Review

1. Marylin Wellons reports (8/6/06).
2. Bob La Trémouille reviews (8/7/06).
3. Marilyn Wellons review (8/9/06).

1. Marylin Wellons reports (8/6/06).

My daughter's boyfriend has pointed out the display of photos of the White Geese at Suffolk:

The Adams Gallery at Suffolk University presents photographers’ impressions of life along the 80-mile course of the Charles River in Exploring the Charles: Boston Herald Photo Project.

"The Boston Herald’s award-winning team of 19 photographers was dispatched to the 23 Massachusetts cities and towns along the banks of the Charles. The result is a dazzling collection of photographs capturing the people, wildlife and luminosity of the river’s environment.

Exploring the Charles: Boston Herald Photo Project is at the Adams Gallery, Suffolk University Law School, 120 Tremont St., Boston, 9 a.m.- 7 p.m. daily, July 17, 2006, – September 8, 2006."

I can't paste the photo of the parents and goslings at the railroad tracks the Suffolk website shows.

2. Bob La Trémouille reviews (8/7/06).

I viewed the show this afternoon.

Suffolk Law has a lovely building and the gallery is in a highly visible front side location. The artist responsible are the photo staff from the Boston Herald.

It is a good sized show, presenting scenes from areas throughout the Charles River.

Four shots of the Charles River White Geese are given major prominence.

The first shot is the shot from the webset, Mommy and Poppy crossing the railroad tracks with a very tiny baby in the forefrotn, on the rail and dwarfed by Mommy, Poppy and the rail.

The second shot is two white geese yelling at each other, nearly beek to beek, with five babies on the ground below them trying to make out the goings on.

Third shot is Mommy and one baby looking at a second baby braking out of its egg.

Fourth is from the ground, close to two babies with Mommy and Poppy in the background. Poppy is glooking straight at the camera in a down angle. Two babies are each enjoying their own dark green leaf, very clearly a CRUWI contribution.

All truly beautiful. All emphasizing the major value of this beautiful gaggle to the Charles River and to Cambridge.

3. Marilyn Wellons review (8/9/06).

I did manage to see the photos today and the ones of the White Geese are astonishing. How on earth did he get the one of the gosling hatching?

There are also other great photos, of course, but the photographer who got the White Geese also has wonderful shots of the river and a great one of a homeless person on the riverbank.