Thursday, August 03, 2006

Follow-up, Bumpy memorial, Two White Ducks

Bob La Trémouille reports.

1. Introduction.

Yesterday afternoon, at Magazine Beach, I spotted two small white beings on the Boston side of the Charles River swimming oh so close together. It was very nice to see the two white geese, Andrake and Daffney still getting along and happy.

2. CD.

The day before I had received a CD from a lady who does PR for the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority.

The MWRA owns and operates the pollution control plant which is between Magazine Beach and the BU Bridge. Their workers had been very close to the Charles River White Geese and, five years ago, the MWRA allowed us to have our first memorial for Bumpy on their property.

It was quite lovely.

The CD contained perhaps 50 or more photos taken during the 7/23/06 Bumpy memorial event. That CD showed me a very clear error I had made in my analysis of the attack on Andrake which was part of that event.

I emailed copies of five key photos to many who might be interested.

Key were the parts concerning the attack.

There are two before pictures. The first shows the dog and his master walking along and having passed the ducks, with the dog on leash. The second shows the master holding the dog’s leash in his hand and looking at the ducks with truly heartless look on his face. The dog bears a similar look.

A third photo shows the owner attacking me after I beat down his dog after the dog had put his teeth on Andrake’s neck.

3. My transmittal.

I sent these five photos to a number of people who might be interested.

The following was the main transmittal:


This will follow up on my voice mail. The most important differences between the guy in the picture and nine city councilors are that

1. Davis is openly and aggressively fighting for his "right" to sick behavior.

2. Nine city councilors have pandered to this type of person and have made themselves his equal with their deliberate starvation of the white geese (the ninth has blessed it with his silence and the comment that the bridge closure was the first item of interest at Magazine Beach, clearly saying that starving the white geese has no value to him). The DCR/MDC behavior has been much worse.

These photos were taken by the PR person for the MWRA at the same time as your photographer was in action. I do not have his email. I did leave him a voice mail. I will try to give you as much of the sequence as possible (Yahoo allows 5 photos). I will be pleased to provide a copy of the CD.

The photos are numbered consecutively. The key ones are 6245 in the dog and master are walking by the ducks with the dog on leash and 6246 which shows him releasing the dog, and look on both of their faces. 6247 is the owner attacking me for defending the ducks.

And nine city councilors have very clearly and repeatedly shown where they are coming from.

4. Karen Parker Comments.

That was crazy. Why did the guy attack you because you helped the duck I suppose and he thought you were threatening his dog maybe? The look on the guy's face was that he wanted his dog to attack, what an asshole. Too bad that weren't some rabid animals we could sick on all 9 city councilors. Just kidding, Karen
I am glad the duck was saved.

You could tell by looking at the guy, he looked mean.

5. Summary.

“Mean” is an excellent description. It is a shame to have to associate with such people.

But, this is Cambridge, Massachusetts, a city subjected to a terrible state bureaucracy and terrible city government, if you are concerned about the environment and the beings who live in our environment.

But their hypocritical nonsense sounds so good\, and “mean” is putting it mildly.

If you would like a copy of the photos, please give me a ring at

I strongly regret that I do not seem to be able to understand getting the photos on the blog. I have done it once and have not been able to duplicate my achievement.