Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Charles River White Ducks make friends

Clearly, my visits to the Charles River in the BU Bridge area concentrate on the Charles River White Geese and the truly reprehensible behavior of nine heartless Cambridge City Councilors and the various bureaucrats.

Nevertheless, very, very, high on my list of interests are the Charles River White Ducks, Andrake and Daffney. I constantly scour the south bank of the Charles to keep an eye on these beautiful love birds. It is always a pleasure to see them perched on their favorite perch or to see them happily swimming around on the Charles. They seem to be wandering steadily further to the west exploring their world and learning more about it.

It was thus a pleasure, on Monday, September 18, 2006, that a person who is a regular on Magazine Beach pointed out that Andrake and Daffney have made friends who are accompanying them on their travels.

The friends are quite a bit harder to see from the north bank of the Charles, but, with care and knowing where to look, they are visible.

It appears that Andrake and Daffney are joined in their exploration by two other duck couples, probably Mallards, so that it is three couples exploring the south bank of the Charles together, Andrake and Daffney and the two Mallard couples.

Andrake and Daffney, if you know what to look for, stand out. They are reasonably large white beings, nowhere near as large as the Charles River White Geese, but surprisingly close to the size of the Canadas, perhaps two-thirds their size.

Once you have seen them, look around for two pairs of smaller brownish shapes near them, the two Mallard couples.

It is quite lovely, quite beautiful.

It is a shame that the Charles River is being destroyed by sick, hypocritical governments. The Charles River could be a beautiful place; and it is a beautiful place, without the sick government types.