Saturday, September 23, 2006

Charles River White Geese evacuate, vegetation work, other musings

Bob La Tremouille reports on September 23, 2006, with comments coming thereafter.

1. Evacuations.
2. The Charles River White Ducks and their friends.
3. Destructive males with dogs.
4. Changes to the silly, obstructive, vegetation.
5. Analysis of "sicko."
6. Marilyn’s reaction.
7. Lois Martin Reports, October 2, 2006.
a. Lois reports.
b. Response.

1. Evacuations.

The Charles River White Geese apparently spent most of the morning at Magazine Beach. They had a period of snoozing between the western part of the Bumpy Memorial Goose Pond, with some swimming. They talked to each other and moved next to the grove of trees where they fed.

Suddenly, at about 11:45, the Charles River White Geese evacuated the area in great haste, some running, some flying. They left in a matter of seconds. When they got to the water, they started swimming toward the goose meadow.

The larger part of the Bumpy Pond was filled with mallards. When an SUV, New Hampshire plates CH C8148, came in they evacuated. The guy got out about a minute later loosing a large dog. The dog immediately ran to the Bumpy Memorial Goose Pond. He paused in the middle of the bridge, looking at the now empty area from which the mallard ducks had just evacuated.

It was gratifying to see how fast the White Geese evacuated. There was no apparent threat when they evacuated. I think they “knew” what was coming. They have displayed similar non-sensory perception in the past when Little Brook, their long time friend, was coming.

2. The Charles River White Ducks and their friends.

On the south side of the river, the Charles River White Ducks and their two mallard couples conducted their patrol, swimming back and forth in a stretch of the Boston shore about as wide as Magazine Beach.

3. Destructive males with dogs.

As I write, another sick male, also in an SUV, has driven up and let two large dogs run. Massachusetts registration 196 ZCA.

No birds can be seen on the ground. Two sick males who behave like they are closely related to the most environmentally destructive Cambridge City Councilor, Henrietta Davis, have destroyed Magazine Beach for free animals.

It should be noted that I support wiping out almost all of the silly limits placed on dogs in Cambridge by Davis-types. I support free running dogs in most city parks, where they are not destructive. Davis and her buddies want to emphasize permitting free running dogs in areas such as Magazine Beach where the dogs can be destructive to other animals. This "concession" is just more repeatedly destructive behavior by the Davis-types.

Nine Cambridge City Councilors apply the most draconian limits on dogs because they are living beings who don't happen to be human beings. Nine Cambridge City Councilors destroy dogs as much as they can get away with by their draconian limits on dogs. The exception to their attacks on dogs fought for by the worst of them is where they can use dogs to destroy other living beings.

What has been done and is being done in these various patronage projects to Magazine Beach is exactly what the nine Cambridge City Councilors are doing and fighting for throughout Cambridge’s wild areas. It is one of many steps beyond the draconian dog limits toward the destruction of nature in that part of our world which is the back yard of the City of Cambridge.

These nine hypocrites are destroying Fresh Pond for free animals with massive destruction of trees. They plan to destroy Alewife for free animals. The Charles River is an ongoing pit of destruction.

And the nine loudly call themselves "environmentalists."

4. Changes to the silly, obstructive, vegetation.

I conducted a tour of the shore line.

During the week before the day the Cambridge Conservation Commission rubber stamped the plans of the nine destructive Cambridge City Councilors, workers for the Department of Conservation and Recreation started maintaining the vegetation at Magazine Beach sold as native vegetation. A lot of vegetation was pulled up including some excellent flowers. A denuded area was perhaps ten to twenty feet from the water at most and maybe five feet at the least

Markings have appeared in the denuded area. Apparently the contractors are selling more “native” vegetation that has no business on the banks of the Charles.

Starvation walls were put up during the first work. Most of it has already collapsed, thankfully.

There are significant numbers of denuded areas right at the water filled with human trash, five to ten areas, ranging in width from ten to twenty feet. I cannot tell if these areas were made by the DCR or by fisher people. The uniform filling of those emptied areas with human trash is shocking. Perhaps this is trash from the river?

5. Analysis of "sicko."

A friend of mine read the above in front of me and she stumbled on "sicko." I have since rewritten it, but there is a lot to be said about the word.

Her problems with the word pretty much gave me a choice. I could amend "sicko," or I could explain "sicko."

I am doing both.

It is my very strong opinion that the environmental destructiveness which centers on the City of Cambridge in turn centers on a truly reprehensible lobby which consists most visibly of developers and contractors.

These people make a lot of money cutting corners and destroying our world. They have contempt for pretty much everything except for money. If one of their ilk slackens and develops something approaching a meaningful conscience, the others will blackball them to hold them in line and make an example of them.

Some are viler than others but since they will not stand up to the others, there is no difference.

Mankind is not destroying our world. These reprehensible bastards are destroying our world as they destroy anything and everything which gets in the way of their making the almighty buck.

They will and are destroying every bit of animal life that gets in their way. They are destroying the ozone. They are mankind at its worst.

These people brag of their intent to destroy all animals on the Charles River. They are offended by the continued life of the Charles River White Geese. The sick bastards vary the excuses, but they brag.

These people are the sort of infestation decent people cannot understand exist in our world. By any reasonable standard, the flat out contempt these people have for anything that gets in the way of the almighty buck is flat out sick.

The two clowns with the loose dogs fit the stereotype to a T. The fact that the animals they would have killed got out of their way before these sick bastards could kill them does not excuse the stereotype and does not excuse those big dogs being loosed on animal habitat.

And nine Cambridge City Councilors pander to these sick bastards. And their bureacrats pander to these sick bastards.

Apologize? Hell, no.

6. Marilyn’s reaction.

My own reaction is that these dog attacks are the work of the Department of Conservation and Recreation and their little friends in Cambridge after the ConCom decision on Magazine Beach. It would probably take them about this long to get the word out after the vote and the need to finish up "restoring" their "restoration."

In short, it's their way of reclaiming the Bumpy Memorial Pond and Magazine Beach from the geese in case we didn't get the message at the ConCom hearing.

The geese probably know the vibrations from the SUVs as they approach.

I thought the "restoration" involved cutting down the plants at the water's edge, which would give the geese more room to come ashore and to evacuate when necessary. Maybe the DCR and friends thought that through and decided against that part of the plan (as told to me by the contractor).

7. Lois Martin Reports, October 2, 2006.

a. Lois reports.

Hi, I was over to feed the geese cracked corn on Saturday and this morning. Saturday only the white geese and ducks ate it. They seemed well. This morning there were canadas mixed in with them. Then they saw a dog and they left and the pigeons took over. It was a woman with a shepherd but she clearly made an effort to not come down this far. Every time she ran up and down with the dog, she stopped way before coming near the geese. There was an older man rowing with some man following him with a horn and they were in closer than the students who appear to make efforts to row in the middle of the river and not disturb the geese and friends. I yelled to them to row more in the middle but they ignored me. I took their picture.

DCR was over mowing but didn't come near the geese area at all while I was there (about 7:45 - 8:10 a.m.). I brought my binoculars and could see the white ducks.

How do you get near them? When I go over the BU bridge, it looks as though they are near Storrow Drive. Any bike riders I would bet can get near them.

b. Response.

I have separately given Lois very specific response to her questions. The Charles River White Ducks, Andrake and Daffney, clearly are near Storrow Drive / Soldiers Field Road, but they are separated from Storrow Drive / Soldiers Field Road by the vegetation which has not been destroyed, YET, by the DCR or its operatives.

It is of great value to note that Lois was one of the most important people assisting the Charles River White Ducks when they were abandoned at Magazine Beach.

They were very innocent when Lois helped them. They have matured fast.