Monday, October 09, 2006

Lois Reports from Magazine Beach

1. Lois Reports, October 9, 2006.
2. Marilyn Responds, October 10,2006.

1. Lois Reports, October 9, 2006.

The following is from Lois Martin on October 9, 2006. Her final comments are to my response to her at the end of the immediately preceding report.

Bob La Trémouille


I was over to feed the geese this morning. Absolutely gorgeous out and the white geese were joined by some ducks and a few Canada geese. After most of the white geese were back in the water, a large group of pigeons appeared, swooped in and out several times and stopped and ate the residue of the cracked corn. During one of their swoops, one banged into my head (I was sitting on one of the rocks at the time) and evidently kept going. I didn't find any feathers in my head and no bird appeared disoriented around me or dead, thank goodness. From now on I am wearing a hat when I visit there.

I saw Daffy and Andrake [ed: the Charles River White Ducks, residing on the south, Boston, side of the Charles River] and there are several other ducks and geese over there with them. In fact some Canada geese swam over to their area while I was sitting there, which seems good to me. When I first got there a black man with a backpack walked by the geese and they just moved around slightly. They must know him. He went and sat on a bench on the other side of the park for awhile. A white man drove up with his maybe 3-year old little boy and golden retriever on a leash. They walked around, admired the white geese while they were in the water, the little boy walked over to some Canadas in the park area, etc. and the dog was always on his leash. I saw a state police car was sitting at the circle driveway further down Memorial Drive when I made my turn on my way to visit the geese. Later he drove through the edge of the area where I fed the geese but only Canadas were left and they moved away as he drove by. He then drove around the park and I guess out the other side. I took a picture. It seemed weird to me that he drove around the park.

By the way, Bob, you give me credit for something but actually it was Bill and me that got them to the water. Bill and his wife, whose name I can't remember, deserve most of the credit because they spent alot of time with them before I ever appeared. Hope you are well. Lois

2. Marilyn Responds, October 10, 2006.

Dear Lois,

Thank you so much for this report. I'm working updating the website and am at a hard part, the one about "native species." It's so good to get a sense of the beauty of the place there after all the rubbish about "native species."