Thursday, October 26, 2006

Writer wants to "move" Canada Geese

1. Introductory
a. Initial.
b. Second Thought.
c. Third Thought.
2. [Deleted] writes.
3. Karen Parker's Response.
4. Marilyn Wellon's Response.
5. Mr. [deleted] responds.
6. Your Editor.

Editor: Bob La Trémouille

1. Introductory.

a. Initial.

The first thing to be aware of with regard to this post is that the writer is writing concerning Canada Geese, not the Charles River White Geese. That being said, here are his thoughts and those of Marilyn and Karen.

The writer responds to Marilyn and Karen. I toss in a final word. I am of mixed feelings as to whether this post will remain. As of this writing, I have no use for further additions except, as appropriate, to tweak my comments.

Nothing that the three other contributors provide is edited except for capitalization type of matters.

I have gotten a comment that the c.sativa which he claims to be defending translates as marijuana. I am increasingly leaning toward just pulling the comment.

Responses should be directed to me at

b. Second Thought.

I did a google search on the writer. Very few articles, including this one.

I checked out one of the articles, twice.

I got a program which claimed to be a free sample of a testing program from Microsoft. It proceeded to claim to be checking my computer for evil software without my permission.

Looks to me like a trap.

I am deleting the name of the writer to keep people out of the trap.

c. Third Thought.

I have spent two hours checking out my computer.

This persons's initial comments generated some valuable responses from Marilyn and Karen. I have provided a general comment at the end, in part responding to him.

This person's name is out of the blog. He insisted on responding to Marilyn and Karen.

I do not like what I have seen with regard to that trap. This person's name is out of this blog.

To the extent there is any good faith here, he has nothing to gripe about. The second writing was quite long. It is gone.

2. [Deleted] writes.

Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2006 14:43:07 -0700 (PDT)
From: [deleted] [email deleted]
Subject: goose transport

Hey there Bob,

My name is [deleted], like the cookie, yes, I get razzled all the time for that, so please no jokes. I was searching the internet for information on "how to get rid of unwanted geese" and I came across your website. I read some of your blog and I thought you might be a good person to contact about the geese that are destroying my property since you seem to have a plethora of knowledge about these wild creatures.

Here it is almost November and the geese are still here. What happened to migrating south for the winter? I have been praying to Jesus every night that when I wake up, the geese will be gone, but every morning, as I step out onto my front walkway and I step in goose feces. My shoes are ruined. I have to buy a new pair everyday to abstain from shlepping the refuse into my home.

The geese ate my nectareous licopersicon esculentum (tomato plants) that I grow in mass production every summer and they also have gotten into the crop of wild c.sativa that is growing in the rear of my property.

Now I am a true believer in the after life, so I would not want to bring harm in any way to these caustic creatures. I just would like your thought on how to rid the unwanted guests.

Thanks very much.

Peabody, MA

3. Karen Parker's Response.

Why cant he just wash his shoes off, his poop goes into the Boston harbor too.

An idiot as usual. The geese's poop is never as bad as people make it out to be, its just their hatred of nature.


These people exaggerate and show their true colors in their letters. He really showed his utmost hatred for animals. If you love animals, you tolerate and respect their existence regardless of anything.

I guess this guy doesn't have bowel movements

4. Marilyn Wellon's Response.

Can he ask them what happened to their usual winter
home? Could they be refugees?

Maybe their winter habitat was turned into something
for humans only. Maybe they think it's ok for them to
turn his lawn into something for them only.

And I understand it's been a very warm fall there.
Maybe it's not cold enough for them to move on yet.

You could pass on the word that goose poop isn't
toxic, doesn't attract flies, and nourishes the grass.

5. Mr. [deleted] responds.

[deleted, some of the below comments refer to this package]

6. Your Editor.

One of the most difficult things to find among "animal protective" organizations are organizations which are concerned with animals for their own sake, as valuable beings in our world.

Most people approach the situation from this direction. Most "animal protective" organizations do not.

The two types of visible "animal protective" organizations are the activist vegetarians and the anti-animal lobby under false colors.

PETA is a vegetarian front organization. The vegetarian-fronts have no interest in animals, as far as I can see, except as forbidden goods. I recall participating in one's list serve (not PETA) and finding that any and all comments about protecting animals as valuable parts of our world for their own sake were censored.

The MSPCA is an excellent example of the other category. The MSPCA's hospitals do some good work. The activism of the MSPCA is contemptible.

The activism of the MSPCA approaches animals as problems and the approach toward animals as problems is EXACTLY the way humanity is destroying our world - by driving animals into smaller and smaller enclaves if they are not killed outright. And all the time, the MSPCA spouts non-stop pieties about how great they are. PETA supports the MSPCA types.

In August 2000, the MSPCA, together with then State Rep Barrios put a letter in the Cambridge Chronicle in which they offered "humane" treatment for the Charles River White Geese. I put out a sarcastic flier explaining what he had done and offering "humane" treatment for Barrios.

Barrios went on Cambridge Cable indignantly insisting I proposed to assassinate him.

The MSPCA proposed to move the Charles River White Geese to a "happy farm." Marilyn checked out the "happy farm." Its water for swimming consisted of a child's wading pool. The MSPCA proposed to let out the members of the gaggle for "adoption." They would not ask if "adoption" included Sunday dinner. Marilyn on questioning determined that geese who were not quickly "adopted" would be killed.

The MSPCA on behalf of the Department of Conservation and Recreation and the Charles River Conservancy has been active for four years now poisoning as many goose eggs as they can get away with on the Charles River.

During the first two years, the poisonings included the eggs of the Charles River White Geese. We yelled. The last two years only the eggs of the Canadas were poisoned. This last summer I saw exactly ONE baby Canada Goose.