Sunday, November 05, 2006

Magazine Beach as the Cold Sets In

Bob Reporting:

This morning was the first really cold morning of the Fall. Temperature dropped to the 20's,

When I got to Magazine Beach at about 7:30, the Charles River White Geese were there, spread in a row near the new and washing out path. In this path, they extended a bit beyond third base on the soft ball field.

I fed them some corn, but they quickly went into the water as a result of a false scare. They came back and fed in a group on the near outfield after finishing the corn.

Another scare, on return, they were grouped between the outfield and the water. That did not last long, another scare, this time real. Ignorant older man walking dogs, not only off leash, but he is encouraging them AGAINST their best wishes into the goose territory. He then LED them into the area just vacated by the geese, as close as possible to the geese in the water. We are dealing with really sick people.

The Charles River White Ducks were happily swimming and feeding near their lair on the Boston side. Leaves have heavily fallen particularly from the lower vegetation, including the vegetation protecting their lair.

The ducks are happy. I was on that side yesterday. They were swimming next to the area that the sickos from the CRC devegetated. They saw a human (me) and went further into the Charles for safety.

The sick bastard walked his dogs to the far end of the fields at Magazine Beach. The geese remain in the water. They may come back on land after he leaves. They may come back tomorrow.

As I left, the gaggle had moved into an area in the Charles between the boat dock and the infield. They were as close to the land as possible, wading four abreast, but they were still in the water.

The narrow Western extension of the Bumpy Memorial Pond showed signs of starting to freeze.