Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Urban Ring Plans Destructive to Geese; BU Condemns Other Part

Bob La Trémouille reports:

Yesterday afternoon, I attended the meeting of the Citizens Advisory Committee on the plans for the bus / highway phase of the Urban Ring planning.

Their plans are on the Internet. http://www.theurbanring.com/currentmaterials.asp?area=gen is the indes to the most recent posting. It is not up to date.

The plans include a pedestrian / small vehicle highway through the same area where the DCR / its agents just destroyed vegetation and probably / possibly killed Brown Beauty's babies.

The DCR was represented by the environmentally vile Julia O'Brien. She has been a key part of the leadership in the outrages going on in Cambridge on the Charles river.

Boston University condemned part of the plans which they say are destructive to their campus.

I commented that, given the destruction being inflicted on the environment in Cambridge by BU and the DCR and implemented in the Urban Ring plans, it is a pleasure to see these reprehensible, destructive bastards bitterly objecting to "harm" to them.

Years of heartless abuse, years of heartless starving, the first attack on the Charles River White Geese when BU illegally destroyed the nesting area in 1999 (destruction which is a key part of the Urban Ring plans), probably repeated destruction of nests over the years and killing of geese who defended their nests, lying about the Charles River White Geese in their alumni magazine - there is a lot to have contempt for BU for. Truly reprehensible people.