Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Brown Beauty Mate Alive; BU Destructiveness

Bob La Trémouille reports:

Yesterday evening after the Urban Ring meeting reported separately, I went to the Goose Meadow to demonstrate the destruction inflicted by the DCR / their agents.

In the grass on the other side of the ramp to Memorial Drive were Brown Beauty and her mate.

I helped them cross the ramp when they had had enough food. They have been forced to make this dangerous trip by their access to food at Magazine Beach being destroyed.

In the Urban Ring report, I mention publicly condemning the environmental destructiveness of BU and the DCR on the north side of the Charles.

In addition to the physical destructiveness, Boston University has stooped so low as to print a false statement by a BU related goose-feeder that the Charles River White Geese cannot survive if feeders stop feeding them. The statement is true NOW because BU, Cambridge and the DCR have been so destructive as to their habitat. The statement is a flat out lie if the destructiveness of BU, Cambridge and the DCR is omitted. The Charles River White Geese survived for 25 years living on the food which BU, Cambridge and the DCR have taken away from them.

The lie was printed in BU's alumni magazine. Friends of the White Geese submitted a response which BU would not print.

It is scary to have such a flat out lie printed. It is scarier still to have these hypocrites refuse to correct it.

It is even more scary that the Charles River White Geese are relying on somebody doing such harm to them. We have no choice. The geese need to be fed.

FOWG did the feeding for a number of months until we could find people who would do the feeding, but these two key feeders with their political harm to the Charles River White Geese are most definitely not friends. We are overworked as it is. The geese need to be fed. We cannot do it, but the two key feeders are a cancer within.