Monday, May 12, 2008

Vegetation Changes - Baby Killers?

Bob La Trémouille reports:

Over the fall and winter, severe damage has been done to protective vegetation in the Destroyed Nesting area.

This was rather clearly done by vehicles of government workers and contractors. They trampled over protective briar patches.

Between the main path and the BU Bridge was damage done by workers inspecting the BU Bridge.

Between the ramp to Memorial Drive and the worn out portion brambles were apparently crushed as part of the "sidewalk project."

The wasted area toward the river has heavily been created by nuts from the DCR and their agents. They have, over the years, shown their contempt for nature here and under the trees to the east.

These nuts dug up the protective ground vegetation and dumped poisons. This is an excellent example of man's destroying our world. Vegetation needed by nature and by our world is considered "unsightly" by nuts who have no business managing nature. That is our DCR and its agents.

The damage that was done to the briars has been picked up during the last week.

Prior times when nuts from the DCR and their agents have destroyed nature in the goose meadow, they have destroyed nests as well. The difference between the killing of geese by the rape-murderer who is now in jail and the DCR activities was that the rape-murderer left the dead bodies.

When the DCR / their agents were indulging in their outrageous cleanups, mother geese simply disappeared. We have seen mates become flat out nuts when the DCR / their agents did their vile work. I have seen day old babies wandering the nesting area looking for their mothers, crying for their mothers.

My first indication that somebody other than an individual nut was killing mother geese came after second the brood in the 2001 nesting season was hatched under a large board leaning against the BU Bridge. The board was too big for one person to move, but it disappeared, leaving a missing mother, a mate who had gone nuts and babies crying for their mother.

Brown Beauty has, in the past, been severely beaten protecting her nest.

Mother geese do not abandon their broods. Sick nuts kill mother geese.

The work that cleaned up vegetation that had been trampled was in the area I mentioned above.

Brown Beauty has been nesting in the area toward the on ramp.

Brown Beauty's babies have disappeared. Brown Beauty is very distraught.

Did the sickos from the DCR commit yet another outrage?

Well, we could ask them. These are the guys who promised to do no harm to the Charles River White Geese and then explained that they do not consider starving them to be harming them.

We are dealing with truly reprehensible people. Reprehensible people who are proud of being reprehensible except when they lie to decent human beings.

What do you think?


Has anybody seen Brown Beauty's mate?

When the sick bastard's were "cleaning up" nests, mother geese rather clearly were killed and removed for defending their nests. Brown Beauty was alone yesterday. I have almost never in recent days seen her without her mate.

I have not seen a goose look like that since the rape-murderer apparently killed Bumpy.

Was Brown Beauty's mate killed for defending the nest and babies?

If anybody has seen Brown Beauty's mate, I would very pleased to learn differently.