Friday, July 25, 2008

Further update

At the previous post's Item 4, Bob La Tremouille reports on behavior by the City Manager and his appointees. Marilyn Wellons reports here one incident involving the Deputy City Manager:

I've heard that aggrieved citizens had a meeting with Cambridge Deputy City Manager Rossi about an issue he apparently did not agree with them on. When the residents entered his office, Mr. Rossi was at his desk with his feet up, and his feet remained there during the meeting, blocking the residents' view of his face and his of theirs.

Showing the soles of your shoes like this is a well-known and serious insult in other parts of the world.

If confirmed, this is the first instance of it I've heard of here. I'm struck how even in our culture this behavior comes across as deeply insulting.

My husband's reaction to the report was that "the people of Cambridge seem to have bought themselves an official who has no fear of consequences for such acts."

The judgment against the City of Cambridge under the management of people like this may change that.