Sunday, September 14, 2008

Article in Boston Globe, Letter in Cambridge Chronicle

Bob La Trémouille reports:

1. Boston Sunday Globe report.

The City Section of today's Boston Sunday Globe (September 14, 2008) published an excellent article on the BU Bridge project and the impact on the Charles River White Geese.

It may currently be viewed online at:

Good article. Excellent photo of one of our eminent residents.

2. Cambridge Chronicle letter.

The Cambridge Chronicle printed our recent Sarah Palin article on the first letters page, page 9 in its September 11, 2008 edition. We published it below at: The Chronicle published it without apparent edit. The Chronicle printing of the letter may be seen at

The title provided by the editor is "Sarah Palin, Cambridge have a lot in common." Interestingly, this was the third letter printed. The first letter took the Chronicle to task for the title provided a letter in a previous edition for the Chronicle's apparent failure to recognize irony.

There is no way I would, with any great vigor, go to and challenge the Chronicle after publishing the letter so visibly. I can see, however, how Republicans might object to Governor Palin's behavior being compared to the civil rights and environmental irresponsibility of the City of Cambridge, MA.

I am aware of no grounds to contend that Governor Palin is as irresponsible as the City of Cambridge either in the civil rights or environmental fields.

Additionally, the truly reprehensible part of the behavior of the City of Cambridge comes from their extreme hypocrisy. There is no reason whatsoever to compare Governor Palin to the real vileness of the hypocrisy in the City of Cambridge.

The purpose of the letter was to say that she would love to CHALLENGE the City of Cambridge for their hypocrisy.