Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Visibility 367, October 15, 2008, Nice People, Distinction among baddies

Bob La Trémouille reports:

1. Magazine Beach Hill.
2. Visibility.
3. Distinction among the bad guys.

1. Magazine Beach Hill.

On the way to the Destroyed Nesting Area, I stopped off at the hill above Magazine Beach and gave leaflets to people there.

One gentleman who was playing with a dog read the leaflet and simply started loudly exclaiming negatively.

2. Visibility.

In the visibility, people were as nice as ever. One lady stood out there as well. She was a Jewish woman who explained that she could not take the flier because of the High Holy Days, but asked me where she could find us on the web.

It is very much normal for people to be shocked to learn that the bizarre wall of vegetation blocking off Magazine Beach from the Charles River was PAID to be installed.

3. Distinction among the bad guys.

Both our flier and the link toward the top of this blog provide the same names to contact and the same contact information, with one exception.

I have just added Governor Patrick to the top of the list on this site and hope that we will add him to the fliers.

The reality is that, as reprehensible as the Cambridge Pols UNIFORMLY are, Governor Patrick is responsible and his organization is even worse than the Cambridge Pols.

The outrages are occurring on state land. Governor Patrick handled Cambridge's money. Governor Patrick employs the reprehensible bureaucrats at the Department of Conservation and Recreation who are ongoing in their destruction of the environment and of our world's living beings. We have repeatedly objected about this outrage to Governor Patrick. We have been ignored.

Massive cuts are going on. Gross irresponsibility in environmental destruction is accelerating under Governor Patrick's "leadership." BU Bridge reconstruction is structured to destroy living beings as much as they can get away with and destroys what little ground vegetation the DCR has not destroyed between the BU Bridge and the BU Boathouse. The massiveness of the destruction is very much needless and simply piles irresponsibility upon irresponsibility.

Nine heartless Cambridge City Councilors are listed because of their shared guilt. Even if they did not participate in the actual vote, they have been on the council long enough ignoring our objections that they clearly share the guilt.

The newest member, Samuel Seidel, voted for this outrage as a member of the Cambridge Conservation Commission. A link can also be found on this blog to his public comments in which he brags that the heartless environmental destruction in which the Cambridge Pols are guilty is a new form of environmentalism.

Two names, however, should have flags: School Committee Member Marc McGovern and State Representative Walz.

McGovern has twice written letters to the Cambridge Chronicle bragging about this outrage. The second time, he was joined by Walz. The nine city councilors are vile and lying about how vile they are. Walz and McGovern have bragged about their reprehensible acts.