Thursday, October 16, 2008

Well Deserved Firings, A Letter to an Environmentally Destructive Governor

Bob La Trémouille reports:

I just left the following message for Governor Patrick at Given Governor Patrick's record of environmental destruction on the Charles River, it probably likely that this suggestion will not be implemented.


Your announcement of budget cuts should be an opportunity to rid the DCR of people who are not fit to manage the environment and who have a record of flat out lying to achieve their goals.

The heartless attacks on animals on Charles River include four years plus of promises of "do not intend to harm."

Corsi explained how this promise fits his heartless starving of the Charles River White Geese as part of the strikingly bizarre and ongoing destruction of the environment in the area of the BU Bridge: Corsi said IN PUBLIC that starving the Charles River White Geese does not harm them.

Julia O'Brien, the woman who headed "planning" for the DCR flatly and simply has contempt for the natural environment. She simply has no business in a planning capacity.

Any and all people associated in any way with the ongoing destruction of protective vegetation on the banks of the Charles River are unfit for their jobs, particularly the Charles River Conservancy which is happily destroying and destroying, but also who ever is doing the current work east of the BU Bridge in Boston. Casual and bizarre destruction of protective vegetation to the ground.

Chop down the bizarre wall of vegetation installed at Magazine Beach.

Your people explained walling off Magazine Beach from providing animal feed and for swimming as helping swimming. The usual flat out lie. Native vegetation protecting migrating birds is routinely destroyed. The native protective vegetation should be protected.
This bizarre stuff should be dumped.

The outrage ongoing at Magazine Beach should be ended. Grass should be sown. POISONS should be barred.

Plans should be ended to destroy what little vegetation has not been destroyed between the BU Boathouse and the BU Bridge as part of needless destruction in the BU Bridge work. The place should be reseeded to neutralize five years of destruction, not further destroyed.

Staging for BU Bridge reconstruction should be under Memorial Drive AS IS BEING DONE WITH THE SIDEWALK WORK.

The beautiful animals which your government has heartlessly starved should be protected in the BU Bridge project, not shoved into the ground as your plans call for.

You are currently timing your projects to do maximum environmental harm.

The plans should be phased to do exactly the opposite.

After firing a bunch of people who are unfit to manage the environment.