Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Anderson Bridge Renovations meeting announcement.

The Anderson Bridge connects Harvard Square to Allston over the Charles River.

The state’s official notice on the Anderson Bridge Renovations meeting is at: http://transportation.blog.state.ma.us/blog/2011/02/anderson-memorial-bridge-public-meeting-set.html.

It will be on March 2, 2011, at the Martin Luther King School, which is on Putnam Avenue, a few blocks south of Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge.

Please note that part of the non stop con games from the Cambridge Pols is that their destructiveness is part of the proposal and that the state’s proposal is unthinkable without their destructive.

Continuation of the Charles without a new highway right on the river’s edge is very much a very good idea.

These destructive people would build this highway under every bridge including the BU Bridge. They would casually destroy what little their friends have not destroyed in the Goose Ghetto. They have flat out contempt for the animals and environment.