Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cher on greenery and contempt for waterfowl

Cher responds to my earlier posting from her:


Hi Bob, Fantastic.

You previously had a mention of the flora that had been cut down (I had just mentioned that I was aware of it and thought it was horrible).

I don’t know if you omitted it intentionally or forgot so I am mentioning it for you. It is entirely up to you. I saw no rhyme or rason why they cut that floa down.

Next thing they will be saying the ducks ate all the greenery and want to kill them off just like they are doing with swans in many areas of the cape.

These agencies defy logic e.g. DCR, forest and park rangers etc. They are supposed to have the welfare of nature at heart and that includes Mother Natures creations, waterfowl...not just greenery. There they go cutting down greenery that is necessary to the waterfowl in the area...it defys logic....just look at the area!

OK sorry Bob off the soap box. I am ill today, a bad cold I got spending three days in a row with the swans and other problems. Hope tomorrow will be better so I can get down there with plenty of water to try to wash Gina. LOL Well if that fails I'm sure Gus will enjoy another bath.

LOL Cher Thanks Bob


ed: Gina and Gus are Cher’s principle swan friends on the Mystic River.