Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cambridge Machine tries to recreate history on their destruction of Alewife

One of the Cambridge Machine’s fake environmental groups is giving a platform to the woman most responsible for the wasteful, totally irresponsible destruction of the Alewife reservation.

The Machine helped her destroy it by supporting her lie that she was defending Alewife and all the time telling people to look at everything except for her friends' plans for the totally wasteful destruction.

The simpering, as usual, fails to answer three key questions, as published for the second time on November 18, 2011 in the Cambridge Chronicle at Both times were also printed in hard copy.


I want to thank Ellen Mass for responding to that part of my letter in the Nov. 3 Cambridge Chronicle that was directed straight at her. The trouble with her very long response is that nowhere in the response do I see any meaningful response to the issues I raised.

I was addressing the mentality shown in the Cambridge city solicitor as quoted by former members of the Human Rights Commission. The points directly aimed at Ms. Mass read as follows.

• This mentality shows how a group supposedly defending Alewife spent 15 years maneuvering people away from the totally avoidable public destruction of the animals and trees in the irreplaceable core Alewife reservation.

• This mentality shows how the Alewife “protectors” “cannot understand” that the destruction of the core reservation cannot possibly protect North Cambridge from flooding. They are protecting against the worst possible rainstorm in any two-year period. They need protection against the two 50-year floods that have hit the area in the last 20 years. There is a big difference.

• This mentality shows how the Alewife “defenders” cannot look at the other side of Cambridge Park Drive from the Alewife reservation. It shows why they cannot see that massive parking lot which could protect against 50-year floods if it were used instead of the core Alewife reservation.

My explanation read, “This mentality shows that all that really counts to the Cambridge Machine is being part of Team Healy.”

Could Ms. Mass, with her 15 years of supposed defense of Alewife, please explain these blind spots?


The machine proceeds with the usual total lack of interest in reality.

The scary thing is that the lies work.

A unanimously bad Cambridge City Council is an excellent example that massive lies by an unthinking and well organized machine keeps people in office whose real record is strikingly opposite to their lovely claims.