Sunday, July 08, 2012

Cambridge Chronicle reports on Cambridge’s Machine’s fight to destroy the parking lot at the end of Magazine Street at Magazine Beach.

Naturally, the destruction of the parking lot is not mentioned.

But the project gets glowing reviews.

July 5, 2012 issue, page 2.

This is a skilled elaboration on a state press release issued with glowing comments on support by the Governor.

As is the normal procedure with the corrupt situation we are facing, the Governor would not be told about the inexcusable destruction.

The pitch is always from the corrupt organization we are dealing with: look at the lovely things we are doing, and lies of omission about the irresponsible aspects. The particular entity putting out the nonsense would appear to be the Department of Conservation and Recreation.

The Machine’s misleadingly named blog includes comparable photos, as usual not mentioning the intent to destroy the very key and environmentally beautiful parking lot.

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