Sunday, July 08, 2012

State bureaucrats brag of park benches, censor latest attack on Charles River White Geese.

I just reported on a press release printed by the Cambridge Chronicle which lied by omission about their fight to destroy the parking lot on Magazine Beach at the foot of Magazine Street.

On further review, the press release also brags of park benches.

Glaringly missing in the bad guys’ publicity spread is the latest attack by the state on the Charles River White Geese. This is their introduction of yet more introduced bushes to create yet another destructive wall, in place of the area where the White Geese have nested for most of the last 31 years.

This, of course is in addition to walling off their food with the bizarre wall of introduced vegetation at the riverline of Magazine Beach and thus deliberately starving them, and in addition to the poisons being dumped on the Magazine Beach playing fields to keep alive sickly grass introduced in place of healthy grass, reduction of the size of the playing fields to drain off the poisons, destruction of the boat docks at Magazine Beach, and the sicking of the Machine on the situation to lie by omission about all the outrages.

This, of course, is the obvious reason for the sudden interest in the Cambridge Machine’s front organization in Cambridgeport.

I recently reported on the machine’s fight to destroy the parking lot on Magazine Beach at the foot of Magazine Street fitting the Machine’s Pattern of Behavior at

I reported on the fake meeting and fake minutes concerning this matter at

Please excuse my not going into massive detail yet again. There is plenty of detail in these documents.

And I have yet to get out my latest photo report on the introduced thicket, or my photo report on how the second phase destruction at Magazine Beach very clearly built on the starvation attacks.

But the bad guys do love to lie that they are politically correct.