Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Regional funding on Charles River: Longfellow Bridge

The State's Boston Metropolitan Planning Organization has posted funds planning at

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I note at the top of page 6, $280,946,372 for construction work on the Longfellow Bridge, which is the second bridge across the Charles River east of the BU Bridge using non federal moneys.

The fifth item from the bottom on page 3 is for street work construction in Cambridge which is an extension of the Longfellow Bridge project, $1,111,500. This is listed as federal aid, non-target projects.

I have previously reported on the Charles River “Conservancy”’s attempts to include work on the Longfellow Bridge which would make the bridge inhospitable to bicycle commuting. This CRC initiative appears to be an extension of the CRC’s fight to destroy hundreds of healthy trees on Memorial Drive, a project for which the Department of Conservation and Recreation sought Obama moneys lying that all those healthy trees were diseased, a lie proven by the DCR filing with the City of Cambridge. Money were not provided for that. The governor received a copy of the Cambridge filing proving the DCR lie.