Wednesday, September 26, 2012

To Cambridge City Council: “Protect the Geese”

The following has been received from Mr. Peter Valentine through a third party. It seems to be speaker’s notes for the September 24 meeting of the Cambridge City Council. He is speaking in support of the communication I had on the list.

I have posted links to the communication I sent. My principal point was to object the highway the Administration proposes to destroy the core goose habitat with and propose a responsible alternative which would do the job better for less.

In support of that I included detailed response to the non stop lies by the administration that the Kenmore Crossing does not exist as part of Urban Ring plans, analysis and photos of destruction at Alewife, and analysis and photos of destruction at Magazine Beach including the core goose habitat. Mr. Valentine had three communications on the list Monday night. This is in addition to them.

My communication was placed on file.

The third party communicates as follows. My most significant edits are to remove Peter’s address and to add asterisks for clarification.


Peter has asked me to give you a copy of his communication to the City Council, stamped as submitted September 24 at 5:09 pm:


Peter Valentine

What I have to say will take approximately 2 1/2 minutes

And since the Massachusetts constitution guarantees the people in Article 19 the right to give instructions to their representatives

And since the mass Constitution and US Constitutions prevail over any and all city constitutions And since the council has sworn oath to uphold both I'm sure everything will be all right.

The flock of geese long residing near magazine beach both. Have a location Harvard, MIT and Boston University specifically on the Cambridge side. There is no such flock anywhere in the Boston area or surrounding area, specifically on the Cambridge side. And also chose a location where there were citizens available to protect them and feed them if necessary against the brutalities of man, who have recked havoc on The Earth destroying the air, poisoning the land and polluting the oceans with garbage and all manner of junk.

Anyone aware of the infinite subtly with which the Creator brings for The Glory would know that these birds having done such are very intelligent and have come to be with us to assist in protecting our intelligent quality way of life.

Although I know that this city government does a highly qualified job in its city operations, it doesn't have the understanding to see the meaning of why these birds have come to be with us and stayed with us so long.

I would ask them to stop there plan of slowly killing off these creatures for the sake of increasing traffic, parking and profits.

But I know they won't.

I so I ask The Creator to protect this flock of intelligent creatures and provide a good place for them to live with us.

And also I ask The Creator to see to it that magazine beach is kept as a well taken care open field for the people of Cambridge to get away to and relax from the tensions of city activity and to refresh themselves sitting by a beautiful calming river.

Peter Valentine


His cover note says in part, "I was inspired to do it by Roberts' extensive report also submitted to the Council.

"So be sure he gets a copy.

"Best to you and our Geese”,

Peter Valentine