Friday, September 21, 2012

Communication on Grand Junction, Alewife, Charles River, attacks on Charles River White Geese nearly fully posted on the Internet by Cambridge City Clerk.

I reported yesterday that I had filed this package with the Cambridge City Clerk for the Cambridge City Council, with copies to Councilor / Representative Toomey, and the two state agencies.

The communication responds to the Development Department’s attacks on the environment in many ways. The immediate cause is the direct attack on the Charles River White Geese with their proposed highway, especially since the alternative is unharmful, more direct and thus more functional, and much cheaper. Sounds like business as usual from the City of Cambridge.

I am nevertheless impressed by the on line publication by the City Clerk.

Key in this reprinting are the 4th and 5th pages, showing the damage being inflicted on the Charles River White Geese and the alternative. I will post my report anyway but cite these pages since they are much easier to access than the version buried in the archives and cross references of the Development Department.

The 6th page of the posting does show the limitations of the City Clerk’s procedures.

This is the map by Mr. McKinnon showing the situation at Alewife and his project's part in it. The trouble is that his map is in color and the repro in black and white. It loses a lot in black and white. This I am pretty certain I can upload.

The only omission I have been able to find so far is the second page of Appendix 2 concerning McKinnon’s project and its interrelationship to the wanton and wasteful destruction at Alewife. The second page shows the parking lot where his project currently is. Failure to print that page does a lot to gut the argument, although my analysis in the main letter points out (referring to colors in a black and white reprint) that McKinnon’s project along with the adjacent row of parking lots plus the new project between his and the destruction at Alewife should be used for the underground flood storage, not the apparently planned near total destruction of the Alewife reservation.

The black and white conversion, however, really does a job on my beautiful package.

With these shortcomings, please review this strikingly good posting. I will follow up with my own posting on these pages, with my own shortcoming.

My commendation to the Cambridge City Clerk.

The on line posting is at: