Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kathy Podgers: Cambridge has spent millions on Magazine Beach

I just posted discussions from the Cambridgeport listserve concerning destruction on Memorial Drive and the Charles River.

One comment, from Person 3 belligerently stated that Cambridge has not spent money on Magazine Beach. I strongly disagreed, calling the report typical of nonsense spouted by the Cambridge Machine.

I passed a link to the report to the Cambridgeport listserve.

Kathy Podgers, today, has posted:

Fact Check: The City of Cambridge has spent millions over the past 10 years on Magazine Beach. I know this, because several years ago, I gathered sigs on a petition, and then Sen Travelini helpet put a stop to the development at that time. Our present Mayor should be able to explain how she wrested these funds from Cambridge taxpayers for a State Park. Since money is fungible, it is silly to claim the ped bridge did not benefit.