Sunday, December 16, 2012

Environmental Con Game Accelerates in Cambridge, MA, USA

About a month ago I wrote a letter to the editor replying to Councilor vanBeuzekom’s nonsense at Alewife. She was defending the air and did not want to know about the acres of virgin woodland she and her friends are destroying. And she does not want to know about her plans to accelerate the destruction at Alewife to perhaps total destruction. And she does not want to know there is a readily available, responsible alternative. She does not want to know about the con game her friends are working to make the destruction that much more likely.

The letter was printed on this blog and in the Cambridge Chronicle.

The con game is accelerating.

I just received one email from the supposed group in front of which the councilor spoke. The email wildly claimed to be defending the environment.

Right after that email, I received an email from “another” group claiming the first group’s statistics are all wrong.

So what.

They are both on the same side.

The reply to the initial con game gives credibility to a group which has no right to credibility. Is the “reply” from an independent group or just another arm of The Machine helping a fake group from The Machine fool people?

This is how environmental destroyers keep up the destruction in Cambridge, MA, USA. They keep on piously claiming to be on a side strikingly different from the side they are on, and they have a massive organization spouting the lie to as many people they can get to.

And massive animal abuse and killing, and massive environmental destruction. All things that they very belligerently do not want to know about, but they love to lie that they are responsible people and environmentalists.