Friday, December 14, 2012

Latest Outrage Continues at Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese

Cambridge, MA, USA, formerly wild property managed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on the north side of the Charles River. Managed so as to maximize heartless animal abuse while lying about being environmental saints.

Today, the Charles River White Geese remained huddled in the man made wasteland against the BU Bridge. They were kept from the tiny part of their world not really destroyed the them yet. The attackers were worker’s cars parked on top of their humble home. The workers are too lazy to park at the top of a not particular large hill under the adjacent Memorial Drive over pass.

There are not as many irresponsible workers' vehicles destroying this sensitive environmental area, but still too many.

The crushed stone which was dumped on top of the area which had been returning to nature has expanded and has been ground in by strikingly irresponsible people doing the dirty work for really rotten governments. Portions of the Department of Conservation and Recreation’s access highway have been deviated from to disrupt the DCR’s introduced vegetation. The crushed stone dumped on top of the DCR’s crushed stone creating that highway has been crushed in on top of what was too much before the Commuter Rail people started their totally inexcusable destruction.