Sunday, January 06, 2013

Day 403, Patrick Administration: rotten at the Charles River, self praise at Warren Swear In

1. Day 403 at the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese.
2. Commuter Rail Gets Really Rotten.
3. Governor Deval Patrick praised.
4. Irresponsible Cambridge (MA) City Councilor present at Senator Warren celebration.

1. Day 403 at the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese.

I kept track of our visibilities at the Destroyed Nesting Area, reporting each by its number, and the real number (because of groupings of reports) is higher. It has been 17 months since I last reported a numbered visibility. I got sloppy and just stopped counting.

The corruption evident in the current attacks of Commuter Rail on the Charles River White Geese yesterday afternoon in the late afternoon, normal rush hour except it was a Saturday, was such that I got out my leaflets and leafleted. No sign, just leaflets. This will be the first visibility reported without a “Save the Geese” sign.

People were nice and concerned.

I use the word corruption accurately.

Government corruption is a matter of exceeding one’s authorized power for personal benefit or for the benefit of friends.

The situation described below exactly fits government corruption.

2. Commuter Rail Gets Really Rotten.

On Saturday, the same bureaucrat was posted just inside the entrance to the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese. He lied to people that the Destroyed Nesting Area is a work zone, hard hat only.

[2012/12-12, Walgreen’s; 08-18, DNA]

Here is a photo of the work zone, which is the railroad tracks.

The destroyed nesting area illegally turned into a parking lot is to the right of the trees which are to the right of the railroad track / construction area.

[2012/12-12, Walgreen’s; 20-06, DNA]

Here is a photo of the corrupt behavior he is trying to keep as secret as possible and abusing his office in order to hide the corruption.

This is a photo of that portion of the Nesting Area which was held sacred in the BU Bridge repairs.

The railroad tracks are to the right of the trees to the right which are the same trees shown in the previous photo.

[2012/07-22, Walgreen’s, reverse order; 02 24 07-22, DNA Terrace]

Here is a photo of where the bureaucrat defending corruption in public was standing, in the opening to the right of the fence.

The brick structure is Memorial Drive. Under that structure is where responsible people parked for the BU Bridge project, and under Memorial Drive to the left.

[2011/03-16, Clark; 01 02-13-11, Rotary from West]

Here is a photo of where responsible people would be parking private vehicles from the far end of the responsible parking area. Vehicles from workers on the BU Bridge project, to the right were required to park under Memorial Drive, the brick structure to the left. The entrance to the nesting area where the guardian of corruption was stationed is straight ahead and slightly to the right of the car in the middle which is preparing to go up the on ramp.

The guardian of corruption in public, as usual, prohibited photos of the publicly corrupt behavior. He then took a whole bunch of photos of me. His photos did not bother me. I am not trying to hide corruption. I am publicizing it.

3. Governor Deval Patrick praised.

I had just come from the second swearing in ceremony for newly elected Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Prominent in the meeting was Governor Deval Patrick. Also prominent in the meeting was praise for Governor Deval Patrick’s performance in office.

The celebration occurred at Roxbury Community College, perhaps three miles from this continuing outrage.

Governor Patrick’s office has received copies of prior reports on this continuing outrage. The responses were noncommital.

4. Irresponsible Cambridge (MA) City Councilor present at Senator Warren celebration.

I came within a foot of one of the rotten members of the Cambridge City Council at the Senator Warren swearing in. I do not associate with such people.

She is belligerent in her support for heartless animal abuse on the Charles River.

She is one member of a unanimous Cambridge City Council which has never voted for or taken a vote on whether the Cambridge City Manager should be fired for destroying the life of Melvina Monteiro. Jury, trial judge and appeals courts panel were quite united in public communication of their disgust at the Cambridge City Manager’s malfeasance in office.

This black Cape Verdean woman was fired because she filed one of several civil rights complaints complaining that she and other female employees of the City of Cambridge were discriminated against because they are women.

These strong judicial condemnations would easily support the firing of the Cambridge City Manager. The judicial condemnations were simply ignored. Ignoring reality is very much normal in the City of Cambridge. The pols then proceed to declare themselves holier than thou in spite of reality.

I think Senator Warren and others on the stage made very strong comments in favor of women’s rights.