Friday, January 04, 2013

Governmental Destructiveness persists at the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese

In the BU Bridge project, the bureaucrats went through the form of responsibility.

They destroyed about half the Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese, bounded by the BU Bridge, the Charles River, the Grand Junction Railroad, and a Memorial Drive on ramp, when they only needed to destroy about a third.

Now they are destroying the rest and, through corrupt behavior, are trying to keep the destruction as secret as possible.

Since the beginning of December, Commuter Rail has been working on the Grand Junction Railroad Bridge under the BU Bridge.

If they, and Cambridge and the Department of Conservation and Recreation were responsible entities, private vehicles would be parked under the Memorial Drive overpass. That is where the cars of the BU Bridge workers were parked.

But no, they have been parking their private vehicles in the environmentally sensitive area that had been the last undestroyed part of the formerly mile long habitat of the Charles River White Geese. This environmentally sensitive area was protected during the BU Bridge repairs. But these poor dear construction workers are apparently abused by walking to work a shorter distance than did the BU Bridge workers. So they are destroying the tiny home of the Charles River White Geese.

And last Friday, the bureaucrats started ordering their environmentally corrupt destruction be kept secret, photos prohibited.

This fits the goals of Cambridge and the DCR. The DCR’s policies are to kill off all animals in the Charles River Basin. That is in their secret definition of “park.”

This fits the destruction at Alewife. In October and November 2011, Cambridge and the DCR conducted a pogrom of animals over acres of the Alewife reservation as part of their destruction of that irreplaceable treasure. They lied that they were providing meaningful flood protection and lied that the destruction was necessary. Now they seem to be on the way to apparently total destruction.

The bureaucrat who ordered “no photos” had an additional threat. They are going to “repair” the damage. What is the DCR and Cambridge’s idea of repair? As much as they can get away with toward killing off all animals.

The “repair” for the BU Bridge project was bushes. What does the DCR do with bushes, with the approval of Cambridge? Look no further than the walling off of Magazine Beach from the Charles River with massive bushes. These bushes have been allowed to grow and overwhelm things. They have starved the 30 year resident Charles River White Geese by keeping them away from their food of most of the last 30 years at Magazine Beach.

For photos of the current destruction, before and during, please see and at

Note that the outrageous personal parking is fully and clearly separated from the construction zone at the railroad tracks and is only a few hundred feet from the readily available parking area under Memorial Drive.

For photos of the outrage of the reality of the introduced bushes, please see

But they do love to claim environmental sainthood.