Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cher’s Excellent Response to “Cher sees both members of her swan couple.”

1. Introduction.
2. Cher’s Response.
3. Editor’s response.

1. Introduction.

I have recently published a few communications from Cher about the Charles River White Geese and apparently comparable Department of Conservation and Recreation outrages at the Revere - Chelsea line.

Her first report stated that all four of her friends in this swan family living at the Revere - Chelsea line on DCR property on a tributary to Boston Harbor were missing.

Shelley responded that she had seen new swans on the Charles River in Watertown.

Then Cher reported that she had seen Gus, the male of the couple who were part of the foursome. She followed with her sighting of both Gus and his mate, Gina. In my publication of the latter report, I included an hypothesis that, perhaps, the offspring had migrated.

The following is Cher’s response to my latter posting.

My edits have been minimal.

2. Cher’s Response.

Thank-you ever so much, Bob. I was thinking as I read that, it's also possible that they were both males and so left to find mates. If this is so, it is possible they will both return with mates. That would be awesome, but not really as I would prefer that they find better living situations.

Swans are one of the water fowl that mate for life, and interestingly if a male does not have a female with which he can mate, he will take another male as a mate. They do not live solitary lives. That's why it really puzzled me when I didn’t see Gina in the midst of that snowstorm, only Gus. Maybe she found shelter, maybe she was looking for food, maybe she was looking for her young, who knows?? No idea.

Last year about this time I gave Gus a bath but Gina would have no part if it. Originally Gus had a different mate; she was killed on the road nearby the Chelsea Creek as it used to be called before the DCR mafia took over. Gus left for quite some time, finally returning with Gina.

Imagine? very interesting.

So this is why I mention the possibility that the two offspring that survived out of all the eggs that were destroyed etc. could both be male. But when I last saw them one was considerably larger than the other. I have photos on another pc. If they are on here I will send you a few. They were magnificant and the site of the parents with them as they were growing up was awesome.

If I went to the area where Shelley saw those swans, and it is the offspring it's not likely that they would remember me...who knows. She never did send directions so I dont know where that is.

She probably thinks I’m crazy, a fanatic. But can you blame me? LOL They are exquisite.

It looks like Gus would welcome a bath now, he's filthy, both are. I think I might enlist the aid of my friend who boards here; he would definately lift some heavy jugs of water for me, and watch me pour them over Gus. Maybe I can get him to shoot a few pics.

Oh the more I hear about the situation in Cambridge pertaining to the white geese, the sicker I get. I just want to shake these people.

Oh, I wanted to ask you what you think of the radio program BU has on WBUR? It seems really good, I like it. Why cant you petition them? they might air something for you without the pols knowing?

Its late, have to go. You can print anything I write or not, at any time, as it suits the cause, you know that. I just don’t want to make work for you. Good thing you're a good editor. I miss writing actually. I dont have enough time during which I am well, but I hope that changes yet. I have the need to write. No more freebies or low pay web jobs anymore though. Cant afford it.

Take care, Cher

3. Editor’s response.

First of all, on the idea of Shelley considering Cher “crazy, a fanatic.”

Shelley is a decent, very good human being. She is a normal person. Part of the sick propaganda of the rotten people we are dealing with is that decent human beings are “crazy, a fanatic.” The crazy fanatics are the sickos doing these terrible things.

Secondly, I republish these reports on facebook and in an email news letter. These two republications are pretty close to identical except that facebook makes links more viable. Cher and Shelley are getting the email news letter version. The facebook and email versions amount to these reports edited down to make them a length appropriate for those formats.

The email report will have, as usual, a link to this blog report. I hope I can include enough in the shorter reports to persuade them to check this report.

Thirdly, I appreciate the suggestion of going on WBUR. If anybody can make contact for me, my email is boblat@yahoo.com.

The reality, however, is that, if “BU” is appearing on WBUR, the version of reality being presented is certainly carefully edited to present a false picture of Boston University. Such edits always censor reality.

Fourthly, note the comment that the two offspring were the only survivors of many destroyed eggs. When the falsely named Charles River “Conservancy” started destroying the environment for the DCR, one of the first things the CRC did was to start poisoning the eggs of waterfowl nesting on the Charles River.

The first year, the egg poisoning included poisoning the eggs of the Charles River White Geese. After that, the DCR and Cambridge started deliberately starving the Charles River White Geese and the poisoning stopped. Perhaps deliberate starvation was considered more subtle and thus more hypocritical than poisoning eggs? These rotten people live on their lies of being holier than thou.